July 19, 2024

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An exclusive directory that would list each company industry-wise and region-wise.

International Business Magazine LLC

International Business Magazine is a UAE-based company with a subscriber base of more than 50,000 that includes investors, C-suite employees, key stakeholders, policymakers and government bureaucrats. We get 42 lakh views annually on our website and an average of 2 lakh visitors every month. We deliver the latest news from the financial world and keenly promote innovative solutions in the industry. 

This is how you will be listed in the directory

“International Business Magazine was set up to cater to the global demand for the latest insights from the business world and promote the emerging trendsetters of the industry. We highlight the current disruptions and keenly forecast the upcoming ones.”

The annual directory will be published in the month of December every year.

  • All the above-mentioned texts and one logo and one product image
  • The word limit for the quote from the leadership is 100 words.
  • All the texts and the images.
  • LLPIN /CIN /1A Ref No
  • Company or LLP Name (scanned copy of the document from a government authority)
  • Registration Certificate (scanned copy)
  • Listing in a government-approved website
  • We would share a PDF of the layout that would appear on the pages of the directory. Only one-time edits will be allowed. More than one edit would attract a fee of 500 USD.

  • We will either take the name of the CEO or one General Manager.
  • It is the responsibility of our clients to prepare a collage of the photos with names and designations mentioned clearly.
  • Any submissions coming after November 15, 2022
  • Payments pending beyond one week of submission
  • The information furbished are false.
  • The 100-word quotes carry misleading, false or mocking statements. 
  • The 100-word quotes carry derogatory language
  • The services or products being promoted belong to the casino, gambling, gaming, drugs, weapons or porn.
  • The company belongs to a country that is not a UN member or does not have a membership with any economic body.