Staying on top of the technology-application trend as well as meeting the demand for non-cash payment, Shinhan is now one of the pioneering banks in successfully developing a digital banking platform and opening a new era of safe, secure, fast and convenient online transactions.

Support online financial transactions

With intensive investment in modern technology, combined with thoughtful research of user needs, Shinhan Bank’s digital banking platform (Internet Banking/Mobile Banking SOL) is considered as a miniature model of a physical bank. With a diverse list of financial services, Shinhan’s digital banking offers maximum convenience to customers during their banking at all times.

Online shopping

Online payment with Shinhan domestic ATM card enables customers to shop and make payment conveniently on e-commerce sites with function of online payment or top up to e-wallets affiliated with Napas. Napas is the operator of the national financial switching system in Vietnam, specializing in handling financial switching transactions for ATM, POS, 24/7 inter-bank fast transfer within the territory of Vietnam. Napas also provides e-payment port that connects the system of commercial banks and large enterprises operating in the fields of aviation, railways, retail, tourism, servicing and other fields.

Transactions made via online payment service with Shinhan domestic ATM cards are authenticated by OTP and Captcha codes to ensure high safety and security, helping customers to enjoy secured shopping and attractive offers from our over 100 reputable e-commerce partners.

Bill payment

Internet Banking / Mobile Banking SOL of Shinhan Bank integrates automatic bill payment function for electricity, water, internet, telephone, cable TV charges and other charges. With this convenient feature, customers only need to register for service once and the bill will be automatically paid on time for the following installments. In addition, customers can also pay each and separated bill upon their needs.

Online deposit

On the Internet Banking/Mobile Banking SOL platform, customers are totally proactive in making deposit and managing their savings accounts anytime, anywhere. When making online deposit, customers also enjoy incentive of additional 0.8% interest rate compared to making deposit at the counter. This additional interest rate may change from time to time.

Online transfer

Money transfer services offered on Internet Banking/Mobile Banking SOL platform include internal transfer within Shinhan Bank, domestic transfer, instant domestic transfer, transfer with message (transfer as gift), oversea remittance and automatic transfers.

Shinhan Bank’s online transfer service is highly appreciated by customers for high safety, fast processing and accuracy. With oversea remittance service, customers can make remittance in various currencies at very preferential fees.                                                                                                                                                                                                   In addition, the Internet Banking/Mobile Banking SOL platform is designed with multiple layers of protection, ensuring all transactions of customers are always safe and confidential.

Knowing customers’ tastes making up market shares

It is obviously that Shinhan’s digital banking platform has offered optimal support to customers in almost current financial transactions, enabling them to bank anytime, anywhere. It helps customers to save both time, effort and make it convenient. This advantage partly makes Shinhan Bank to become one of the leading foreign retail banks in Vietnam.

Sharing on the trend of digitization in the retail banking service, Mr. Shin Dong Min – CEO of Shinhan Bank in Vietnam, said: “According to the data from Vietnamese regulatory agencies, the e-commerce growth rate in Vietnam now is over 30% and could reach over 40% in the coming years. This shows that the trend of online payment on the Internet and smartphones is increasingly popular and preferred by the majority of consumers.

Shinhan Bank has timely grasped this trend and invested in technology to develop a digital banking platform many years ago. We hope that with our efforts, Shinhan Bank will become one of the highly trusted digital financial partners of users”.

In addition to designing a diversified list of financial services on our own digital banking platform, Shinhan Bank also cooperates with prestigious technology partners in Vietnam such as Samsung Pay, VNPAY, MoMo, Payoo, Grabpay by Moca among others to develop many payment methods and enhance customer experience. By effectively combining physical banking and digital banking, Shinhan Bank has increasingly affirmed its position as the best foreign retail bank in Vietnam now.


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