• CASCAID is an initiative set up in 2017 in UK that brings the asset and wealth management community together to raise money for charities
  • Funds Society, with the help of MiP in the UK, will ead the initiativein the Americas
  • It has an initial goal of US$150k

CASCAID Americas is another example of the industry turning its attention to supporting others. It’s an initiative set up in 2017 in UK that brings the asset and wealth management community together to raise money for charities.

What is CASCAID Americas all about?

It’s really about bringing people together to support great causes whilst enjoying networking. It’s led by 30-40 Ambassadors – people from around the industry. Ambassadors range from CEOs of asset and wealth management firms to new graduates and Investment 2020 trainees.

On a practical level, Funds Society, with the help of MiP in the UK, sits at the heart of it, helping to organize events and with all the logistics (on a pro bono basis of course).

How do you raise money?

In any way we can think of! We will have one gala at the end of the fund raising period (June 2019), which is supported by investment firms. This can raise significant sums. Then we have other group events such as a darts evening, fun runs, wine tastings and sporting tournaments. And Ambassadors (and others) also do their own challenges – these are wide-ranging, from running marathons, to swimming lakes, to walking thousands of miles. Anything goes!

What charities do you support?

In 2017, CASCAID UK raised money for Cancer Research UK. The target was £1 million but it managed to exceed £2.35 million. For CASCAID Americas, based on the much smaller size of the offshore industry, we are setting an initial goal of US$150k, though we actually hope to beat our British counterparts, at least on a relative basis. For the 2018-2019 campaign CACSCAID Americas is raising funds for The SEED School of Miami. It’s important to remember that all monies go direct to SEED Miami – CASCAID Americas isn’t a charity itself, it’s just a brand name that acts as an “umbrella” to bring all our activities together.

Why The SEED School of Miami?

We want to help local charities with a strong social impact in our community. The SEED School of Miami definitely fits that bill – as South Florida’s only public, college-preparatory boarding school, it impacts on the lives of the 210 young under-resourced students that are currently enrolled in the program, who spend 24 hours a day in a safe, structured and predictable environment from Monday to Friday —three healthy meals a day; consistent relationships with excellent role models; daily academic challenge and support; and extensive programs in athletics, visual and performing arts, and service. The national results for the SEED schools program speak for themselves. 90% of the students enrolled in 9th grade graduate high school; 93% of these student attend college with full scholarships, and 80% of these students are first generation college-bound students in their families

Can anyone get involved?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome. If you’d like to get involved with CASCAID Americas, just email and We’re always looking for new Ambassadors and new ideas to raise money.