Axis Communications gearing up for its participation in Expo 2020


Axis Communications is allowing its participation at the Expo 2020, a World Expo hosted by Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Axis will be the official partner of the Sweden Pavilion in the event’s Sustainability District, owing to the company’s Swedish heritage. Expo 2020 will take held in Dubai from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.

The Sweden’s Pavilion theme is the “Co-creation for Innovation,” and with this part the Axis will establish smart city solutions, in which the utilization of technology and data agrees authorities to better understand and achieve core aspects of urban life, empowering them to ensure community safety while also meeting sustainability goals.

Native governments are driving the rising adoption of IP-based security and surveillance systems since smarter and safer cities are a goal for many Middle Eastern countries.

Axis is performing a critical role in pushing smart city agendas across the region, thanks to its comprehensive array of innovative products and services and engagement with important government entities.

The firm’s open platform also enables seamless integration of a wide range of technologies and IoT devices on a single platform, addressing one of the most significant obstacles in smart city projects.

Statement from Peter Lindstrom, Executive Vice President Sales at Axis

Peter Lindström, Executive Vice President Sales at Axis, commented: “Given the global pandemic, the postponement of Expo 2020 was absolutely the right decision, but doesn’t lessen our enthusiasm for representing Sweden as a leader in the creation of technology that makes the world a safer and smarter place. We’re particularly pleased to be part of the Expo’s Sustainability District, which continues to be a critical focus for governments and citizens across the planet.”

Statement from Ettiene Van Der Watt, Regional Director – Middle East & Africa at Axis

Statement from Ettiene Van Der Watt, Regional DirectorMiddle East & Africa at Axis

Ettiene Van Der Watt, Regional Director – Middle East & Africa at Axis, added: “Governments in the Middle East have been proactively driving the technological advancement agenda in order to provide better citizen and resident services and experiences, and the quick recovery of the region from lockdown is testament to this. Technology like ours has played a crucial role in minimising the disruption caused by the pandemic and has helped governments and businesses manage, regulate, assess, and contribute to public safety and ensure business continuity.”

“Expo 2020 — and the focus on sustainability, mobility and opportunity — is a perfect opportunity for the region to showcase several of these innovations. For our part, we are thrilled and honoured to be able to contribute to the event and show the world how Axis is supporting governments in the region and across the world build more sustainable, smarter cities.”

Axis will host six high-impact events over the next six months, focusing on the following topics:

• Smart Cities – Reliable technology for a changing world

• Artificial Intelligence for a Smarter and Safer Tomorrow

• Technologies for a Sustainable Future

• Securing the 5G Era

• The Power of Partnership

• Quality & Cybersecurity as a Surveillance Pillar

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