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Aiming to help small and medium size companies increase their productivity, a pair of entrepreneurs have launched a new business platform that will surpass existing social-business platforms on multiple levels.

JACOB DAVIS-Co-Founder Bizfluence APP
Joel WolhBizfluence APP

Bizfluence is the brainchild of Jacob Davis and Joel Wolh, who joined forces in an Amazon ppc-agency called Boutique Seller several years ago. Having seen the quality of business platforms deteriorating over the years, the two pooled their talents to create an all-encompassing solution that would provide small business owners with a streamlined platform providing users with a network where they could meet, build relationships, transact and conduct business.

“There are so many tools out there, like LinkedIn, Asana, Slack, Eventbrite, Indeed, Mailchimp and more, but it makes much more sense to for business owners to be able to conduct all of their business in one place,” explained Davis, who is based out of Israel. 

Existing platforms have been placing significant emphasis on social posting as a vehicle to boost engagement, a reality that does not resonate with many small and medium business owners who are looking for a more streamlined experience to help them maximize their day-to-day operations.

“They aren’t interested in creating content all day like teens on TikTok,” explained Wolh.  “Business professionals are growing tired of social media and want to get back to business.  Bizfluence will be like the business hub of the internet, adding real value and taking things to their conclusions – real transactions, real business with real people, in addition to including tools for email, CRM, events, hiring and more.”

Bizfluence is also developing advanced filtering for a smoother browsing experience, inbox spam-filtering -which is a huge pain point on other platforms- and gamification on the platform, which rewards those who take positive actions on the platform with higher visibility and ranking on Bizfluence.  

Ten months after its initial launch, Bizfluence has already attracted 8,000+ users who have so far created close to 30,000 professional posts.  “Bizfluence is a bundling of all the tools that businesses use to manage their work daily, wrapped in a professional platform designed to maximize the time spent on social media, while eliminating the noise that exists elsewhere,” said Davis. “As Bizfluence transitions out of its beta phase, we are confident that our laser-focus on business and productivity will allow for rapid scaling of our user base.”

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