Dubai’s E-Commerce Sector and building a strong backbone for its better future

Delivering the vital fundamental promises to the customers are far more challenging and intriguing than developing a product baseline, website launch, applications, and any e-commerce services.

As we all are aware that customers are the kingmakers and no-one would ever like unnecessary delays, slowness of the service requests and any such kind of issues that can blow up any brand apart as they are unafraid of to blow the trumpet in social media and thereby voice their thoughts.

Hence, the brands always have a checklist and pressure to provide and maintain a go-to a competitive standard of services. According to words quoted by Fadi Amoudi, Chief Executive Officer of IQ Fulfilment, most times the big brands or SME’s get branding, designing and product’s development on the right path, but they get wavered away on the two key ingredients viz. Fulfillment and logistics.

The perfect solution is provided in the form of IQ fulfilment, the region’s first Robotic based fulfillment and logistics center. Being a start-up in itself, it aims in to offer the best solution for the logistical hiccups faced in by most sectors including SME’s.

Mr. Amoudi also stated that “Since they believe in Dubai’s potentiality as well as overall growth in the region, they started this project with their investments in without signing off any clients.”

He also stated that the support growth of all SME’s not just through competitive pricing strategy, but also to offer cutting edge technology which is unique and not available anywhere in the region. The E-commerce sector is generally divided into two segments:- 
•  Segment I consist of the front end where customers/kingmakers interact with and are often represented by the interface and service design.

•  Segment II includes of Back end interface wherein the core work is carried out. They (IQ Fulfillment) work in tandem with SME’s to build and figure out best smooth-flowing back-end model.

Mr. Amoudi also adds to the point that they wish to take core Logistics to the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness, utilizing optimal care of latest technological advancements from artificial intelligence, robotics, IOT (Internet of things) and software solutions.

Thus, he clears it out that they will not entertain the SME’s to set up the average warehouse, storage, and sorting; it’s loading and delivery facilities.

Its warehouse is based out in Dubai Investment Park and come May, and it will sign up its first SME’s to have the operations up and running, thereby handling the unique experience of the first robotic Fulfillment center in the region.

According to latest reports by World Economic Forum and Mashreq Bank’s Value of E-commerce Industry is expected to surge two folds than in 2016, to clock at $27.2 billion by 2020 and its spending will also surge by 48 percent year-on-year compared to the last year.

The brain behind such innovative and unique solution clicked to Mr. Amoudi, only the previous year when he anonymously moved with his family to Dubai and was in search of setting up online grocery delivery services as he was from an FMCG background. However, with his research and analytical backdrop, he soon found out that core stumbling block for e-commerce platforms was the logistical challenge and thus came the idea of becoming a solution instead of acquiring the issue.

In due time he found out that few loopholes dent the productive development of most SME’s and which are scaling up for e-commerce, talking about back end operations and setting it up, warehouses, peaks, real estate, transport, and employees.

To find an answer to his query, how to close up these loopholes? This is the time when he got into the base of Quicktron, the Chinese leading intelligent robotics company partnering warehouse AGV robots for e-commerce kingpin Alibaba.

Amoudi, underwent a lot of meetings and signed the deal with Quicktron to be their representative in the Middle East and Africa leading to creation of an IQ subsidiary, IQ Robotics, a technology company providing robots for their and client warehouse operations in Dubai, as well distribute, maintain, market, and build brands as well target potential customer base.

Thus, to sum up, they are in essence, creating a Dubai-based center of excellence. He also has struck in several deals with significant IT strategic partnerships across MENA regions like: –

a)    Honeywell Logistics- It is the regional representative for logistics software solutions.

b)    Damon Technologies for Warehouse Automation.

c)    Locked Air for package protection.

With the latest in-house cutting-edge technology, assuring seamless and highly efficient execution, IQ Robotics becomes the new integrated brand on the block and IQ Fulfillment-First-of-its-kind unique warehouse instrumenting most modern craftsmanship in the entire region.

IQ Express, the firm’s subsidiary will soon follow, and Amoudi explains with confidence that he wishes to consolidate firm’s base in not just UAE, but also to expand it to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, China and then the broader world with strategically placed Fulfillment centres.

Currently, the overall strength in its headquarters in Dubai is 26 which is slated to surge to 45, by the end of April.

He also adds that “IQ Robotics, IQ Fulfillment, and IQ Express are all covered by the umbrella that is IQ Holding. He concludes that the firm would be something which would be unique and will be world leaders in the line of logistics and fulfilment in the E-commerce Industry.”