Forex4you is awarded the Best Affiliate Partnership Program Award and the Best Forex Customer Service Broker Award for 2019.

Forex4you is recognized for its world-class partnership program and excellent customer service by International Business Magazine.

09th December 2019

International Broker Forex4you, a service of E-Global Trade & Finance, celebrates a double win as it takes home two of International Business Magazine’s most prestigious awards. The company received the Best Affiliate Partnership Program Award and the Best Forex Customer Service Broker Award for 2019.

The Best Affiliate Partnership Program Award is given in recognition of developing the best partnership program in the industry. Forex4you’s leading partner program is globally present and has the best competitive commissions.

Unique to other partnership programs, Forex4you believes in mutual growth and provides support and educational assistance to its partners. The Best Forex Customer Service Broker Award is given to brokers with the highest customer satisfaction. Building on the company’s values of innovation, honesty, and competence, Forex4you has served over 1.7 million clients globally and has executed over 700 million orders for 12 years.

“The Forex industry is competitive. In such a fast-paced environment it is easy to lose sight of the needs of our clients and partners who are the heart of our business. Forex4you has always prioritized maintaining and improving the quality of our relationships and we are very pleased to see that this strategy has worked wonders.

We hope to keep delighting both our clients and partners in the many years to come.” says Marina Strauss, CEO of Forex4you.

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About Forex4you: Forex4you is a global online trading service with a clear vision–to bring a higher level of transparency to the online trading industry, and to make trading truly accessible to all. Since its inception in 2007, Forex4you was able to establish itself as a leading online trading service provider trusted by traders from all over the world. To date, Forex4you has more than 1.7 million active trading accounts and has successfully executed more than 700 million orders through its multi-platform trading systems. To learn more about this award-winning trading service, please visit