Interview with Fullerton Markets CEO Mr. Mario Singh

Q1: Hi Mario, congratulations on winning the coveted award for Research and Education in Asia Pacific. Could you tell us a bit more about Fullerton Markets?

A1: Sure. We are one of the fastest growing brokerages in Asia Pacific. When Fullerton Markets was born, I shared our vision that we would be a disruptive force in the trading industry in three areas:

  1. Safety of Funds

Today, all clients enjoy unparalleled fund safety with
Fullerton Shield. This is a triple-level fund safety structure
which includes:

1)  Segregated Bank Accounts

2)  Independent Custodian Protection

3) Professional Indemnity and Crime Insurance by 

Lloyd’s Underwriter

This structure gives clients total peace of mind that their
deposits are protected with one of the industry’s highest
fund safety measures.

  • Speed of Execution

Liquidity and connectivity are at the heart of flawless execution. Through our partnerships with tier-one banks and Equinix, a multi-billion dollar public company listed on NASDAQ, we have spared no expense to ensure low latency connectivity to our dedicated servers in London. This has ensured network speeds of less than 1 millisecond.

  • System of Wealth Creation

We truly believe that anyone can create wealth in the markets; either by trading or by business-building. Here’s how we support traders and partners:


  • Weekly Research
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Trading Videos


  • Fullerton Suite (a powerful back-office system with analytics)
  • Attractive Rebate Payouts (paid instantly to partners)
  • PipBox (A complete set of internet marketing and social media marketing tools)

Q2: What is the secret of Fullerton Markets’ strength in research and education?

A2: The secret is that we have a great team. Our Research and Education department is led by a seasoned veteran Wayne Ko, who has been in the industry for over 10 years. As a trader himself, he knows first-hand about the challenges and struggles that traders and investors face. This has led him to build a department which is very strong in research and education.

Wayne is joined by Chief Strategist Jimmy Zhu who used to be an analyst on Bloomberg, one of the world’s largest financial media companies. Jimmy appears regularly on global media including China Global Television Network (CGTN), which is watched by more than 85 million viewers worldwide in over 100 countries. The department also consists of several high profile market strategists who give out trade calls, conduct webinars and LIVE events. One such market strategist is Louis Teo who regularly conducts online and physical classes for our clients around the region.

Q3: You are very well known in Asia. How do you continue to build your personal brand and the company’s brand all over Asia Pacific?

A3: Brand is synonymous with Value. How valuable a brand is would be directly correlated to the value it generates. In terms of personal branding, I add value in 3 specific ways:

  • Books

I have written 3 best-selling books which have been translated to 5 different languages worldwide (English, Chinese, Bahasa, Thai and Vietnamese).

  • Engagement

In today’s world, we are no longer in the IT or social media age. We are in the attention age. That simply means catching the attention of the audience is of paramount importance. One way to do this effectively is through engagement. People today want to interact with the brands they consume. I engage audiences via my social media profiles and in LIVE events where I get up close and personal with them.

  • Media

Media is a very powerful tool for branding. Over the years, I have been fortunate to appear regularly on the world’s largest financial media like CNBC and Bloomberg to share my market views and business insights. I am also very thankful to be invited on many regional media platforms throughout Asia to share my thoughts on business, leadership and entrepreneurship.

In terms of corporate brand-building, we do this via “Glocalisation.” I know it’s not really a word so let me explain. This incorporates brand-building on both a global and local scale. Globally, we appear in industry events as keynote speakers. We have also just finished a 3 year sponsorship deal with The Hurricanes, one of the most popular rugby teams in New Zealand.

Their line-up includes Beauden Barrett, one of the most popular players in the world who is the recipient of the World Rugby Player of the Year for 2016 and 2017. On a local scale, we personalise our range of services for the various markets we are in. As an example, traders in Vietnam may want different services from traders in Thailand. Finding out their needs and helping them achieve their trading or investing goals also helps us in local brand-building.

Q4: Many people regard day trading as a more volatile aspect of investment with high risks. Some even say its gambling. Is this a statement?

A4: Totally unfair. I use the “Knife” analogy to explain my point. Put a knife in the hands of a thief and he might rob you. Put it in the hands of a chef and he makes gourmet food. The problem is never the knife. The problem is always with the person holding the knife. Similarly, the problem in the trading world is never the markets. It’s always the traders who don’t understand the rules.   

Q5: Can you share with us some of the products on Fullerton Markets that can help new traders or investors to get started?

A5: In Fullerton Markets, you can start trading with as low as USD100 or its equivalent.  The risk is low and anyone can experience trading in a LIVE market almost immediately.  For someone who is totally new to trading, we have easy to understand videos, weekly articles and webinars provided to them for free.  They can learn the basics about the financial markets, how to execute orders and how to navigate the trading platform.  We are big believers that education is one of the keys to making better trading and investment decisions. 

For investors, we have a revolutionary product called CopyPip which is a proprietary copy-trading model that bridges experts and investors. We have many clients who are busy professionals and they just don’t have the time to learn or execute trades on their own. With CopyPip, our clients are immediately exposed to a global network of strategy providers complete with various trade and risk allocation methods to choose from. The ability to carve out an additional stream of income has become an immediate reality for them.

Q6: What are your plans for continued development and growth for Fullerton Markets?

A6: As a Fintech company, my focus is on two areas: talents and technology. The company is always on the lookout for talented people who can grow the company bigger and better everyday. In terms of technology, we will continue to invest in systems that improve Automation, Communication and Efficiency.