How to Keep Your Employees Energised During a Busy Week

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By Mildred Austria

There are times when you have a lot on your plate. It depends on the nature of your business. There are months when you have to deal with more customers than usual. Your employees might end up getting exhausted due to the efforts made and the number of hours spent at work. As the leader, you should find a way to keep everyone energised. Here are some tips.

Be a good example

You can’t tell your employees to work hard and keep pushing when you already look exhausted. They count on you to be a good example. Show that you can continue working hard even if you have a lot to deal with. You will inspire everyone else not to give up.

Provide a progress check 

When everyone is busy working, no one notices the progress made. The focus is only on what else needs to happen. Therefore, it helps if you continue giving a progress update. It reminds everyone that hard work bears positive results. It inspires your employees to keep going. They will also work hard to reach the finish line, especially since they already did a lot. It tells them that now isn’t the time to give up. 

Offer incentives

Remind your employees about what will happen once the week is over. You can offer cash incentives. You may also throw a party or get-together occasionally These things might seem small, but they can help convince your employees to work harder. It’s critical to have concrete promises as a reward for hard work, especially if company milestones are reached.

Keep your office open

As a leader, your responsibility isn’t only to delegate the tasks. You have to be there throughout the process. Your employees must feel that they’re part of a team, and you’re on top. If they have questions, they can count on you for answers. You can also provide extra training to speed things up. You can’t demand your employees to work hard when you’re not doing the same.

Take small breaks

Just because everyone is busy doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity to take a break. If it’s time to go for lunch, everyone should stop working and take a break. Try to accomplish a lot during office hours to avoid going overtime. It’s only an option if you’re running out of time. When you force everyone to work hard even if they already feel exhausted, the results might be terrible. 

Hopefully, you can get things done on time. Keep motivating your employees so they won’t give up. Let them know that you see everyone’s efforts to help the business succeed.


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