Is Artificial Intelligence-The new fuel for UAE’s future?

  • There is no doubt that UAE’s flexible, fresh new technologies adoption concept under UAE digitalization platform 2031 is under full swing as it dominates the race to a complete Artificial Intelligence-enabled business era preparing continuously to countermeasure the post-fuel age.
  • However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning is still described with the following words: – Overhyped, Misunderstood, Dragon ending the humanity or human race extinction, mass surveillance, loss of jobs and utilization of robots, drones instead of human intervention and control, etc.
  • However, recent research and a questionnaire conducted by Arabian Business Magazine stated that certain users have also provided positive comments like a user indicating “Robots and Drones taking over the centre stage is a much better case scenario as human beings cannot make proper decisions.”

However, being present for ages, despite all the hype and confusions that engrosses the human race is proving to be a better reason for AI. Like Robots, drones taking over 40 percent of the human labour involved to in numerous machines being the charge of security threats, has now been suddenly powering the forefront of almost every Industrial base including Logistics, Supply-order chain management, travel, Medicine, Banking, Gaming and even Food and Beverages to Packaging.

United Arab Emirates adept to AI

Although AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning are the new buzzwords. As AI’s disrupting technology is proving it as a virtual treat for every business globally and tech giants dawning the central pillar of Fourth Industrial Revolution, the sad viewpoint is that the work and presence of AI yet remains largely unknown and is hidden.

For this reason, only, the United Arab Emirates was the first to take quick reforms and initiatives during 2017, when the Gulf nation was the first and only one globally to appoint an own AI minister in charge Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, for pioneering and leading from the front of visioning the 2031 digitalization platform.

The move instantly was a success and proved right as with adoption of AI, UAE’s GDP is looking in to cross a staggering $96billion within 2030, technology sector will also be fruitful for the finance sector as it would grow at a staggering $37billion, healthcare and storage, transport sectors grow will be estimated at $22bn and $19bn respectively.

Artificial Intelligence technology is the core of all businesses as it would help to get 50 percent of the savings in UAE’s annual costs by its utilization in the industries like education, transportation, energy, technology and its space programme.

Patrice Caine, chairman and chief executive officer of Thales – the $24bn French company that styles and builds electrical systems and provides services for the region’s aerospace, defence, transportation and security industries – has met with senior leaders within the Gulf region on various occasions, together with Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and the UAE’s Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Renowned AI professional Martin Adams says the UAE’s appointment of an avid minister for the technology can before long set a world trend.

Deep learning

Businesses, too, are utilising the technology to change fairly basic inevitable and repeatable processes that humans have been concerned in.

“One component in the longer term goes to be voice interaction and voice interfaces.”

The acceleration in recent years has come back on the rear of the invention of deep learning, that uses artificial neural networks to a lot of closely imitate, however, the human brain identifies things and makes selections.

Its use has been varied – speech-to-text transcription, detection of early signs of vision defect, online client support, and virtual personal assistants like Alexa or Siri.

Experts believe that Google and Amazon smart speakers are going to be able to spot early signs of illness before we tend to are even alert to it. It may additionally in some unspecified time in the future notice emotion, hear coughing, instinctive reflex or a blocked nasal sound, associate degreed place an order for the acceptable medication.

One sector which will at the start see the most significant gains in retail, as a result of the immediate impact of automation and intelligent automation, in accordance with Dr. Scott Nowson, PwC’s AI and Data follow Lead within the Middle Eastern Tertiary.

“Artificial Intelligence is that next major revolution of our times – our mission is to be one amongst the most advanced countries globally in this regard. As quoted by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.”

He also adds a point that “I suppose that AI can touch a bit of every aspect in human decision-making, from politics to corporate strategy and corporate training. I also feel it’ll touch each of the component of strategic and inventive decision-making which will principally target potency and productivity,”

“I suppose that the Gulf region, given not solely the resources that it’s fixing, however additionally the mindset as well that it’s around training in the individuals to be prepared for this sort of AI-enabled business age, stands to be up there at the terribly, very top.” Despite fears of job loss, mass surveillance and even security threats, the truth is that the advantages of AI outweigh our worries. If something (as one Twitter user noticed in our questionnaire), AI will make “life easy”.