Johnson Controls alliance with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority forms sustainable RIT Campus

Johnson Controls OpenBlue Healthy Buildings solutions will help create healthy and sustainable campuses.

Johnson Controls, the global market leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, had recently broadcasted their alliance alongside  Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), the regulatory body of Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), for formation of integrated free zone technology park, and Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai (RIT Dubai) for offering out the territories state-of-art smarter, healthier, and sustainable freshest campus.

Johnson Controls recent alliance along with the DSOA is to aid them with sustainable and curbing the carbon emission efforts via their OpenBlue Digitalized Platform. The firm will soon be in action with the deployment of their OpenBlue Enterprise Manager (OBEM) solution for the RIT’s Dubai Iconic Campus, that will be utilizing future oriented sophisticated artificial intelligence, thereby empowering the campus administrators for analysing the on-field and off-field data to aid in addressing the hurdles around the power efficiency as well as optimization.

The platform will ease RIT Dubai with real-time monitoring, benchmarking and analysis of power consumption and demand, delivering out the real and meaningful sustainability solutions on campus, and diminish the operational budgets and lower environmental influence.

Johnson Controls OpenBlue digital platform and services for enhancing buildings can power in the 50 percent and more in improvement in power efficiency and corresponding carbon emissions.

This ambitious drive is in line with the university’s vision for luring out students as well as committed faculty for creation of net zero economy serving all while in contention for giving an opportunity for teaching and learning within the most comfortable, quality environment having better operations in intelligent and efficient manner.

The RIT Dubai Campus has in general more than thousand students along with more than hundred staff members.

Statement from Katie McGinty, vice president and chief sustainability, government and regulatory affairs officer at Johnson Controls

Johnson Control Vice President, chief sustainability, government and regulatory affairs officer, Katie McGinty, stated out that, “Across the world, Johnson Controls helps businesses, governments and global institutions meet ambitious sustainability goals. Digitization is a key enabler for companies and organizations to meet net zero carbon and renewable energy goals. Employing the right technology and talent are two of the most critical factors for success. We are pleased to contribute to the next generation of innovation leaders by giving students the opportunity to learn from the fully open architecture of the Johnson Controls OpenBlue digital platform. Together, we can work to address the decarbonization of buildings, which represent about 40% of global emissions. It is a win-win. Cutting that energy waste and emissions cuts energy costs as well.”

Statement from Rolando Furlong, vice president and general manager, Building Solutions MEA, at Johnson Controls

Rolando Furlong, vice president and general manager, Building Solutions MEA, at Johnson Controls, stated out that, “Johnson Controls has been a pioneer in innovation and a leader in technology for more than 135 years. We are proud to partner with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and Rochester Institute of Technology of Dubai to drive a new level of sustainability in implementing our OpenBlue Healthy Building solutions to optimize performance by digitally transforming RIT Dubai’s campus, turning data into insights, and insights into actions that ultimately contribute to the region`s sustainability goals. Our OpenBlue Healthy Buildings solutions will help create a state-of-the-art campus to improve learning environments and prepare students to be tomorrow’s innovation leaders.”

Johnson Controls has proven experience in the campus vertical with solutions and services that influence the wellness of students, teachers and staff, optimize the energy performance of the campus and meet environmental and sustainability goals. This collaboration is aligned with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan.

One of the core deliverables under the plan is to encourage a knowledge and innovation global centre that lures out the talents and minds to contribute to the global growth and leadership of Dubai. Dubai Silicon Oasis is one of five core urban centres, a science and technology and knowledge hub that churns out the innovation, digital economy development, and talent generation.

Statement from Dr. Yousef M. Al-Assaf, president, Rochester Institute of Technology of Dubai

Dr. Yousef M. Al-Assaf, president, Rochester Institute of Technology of Dubai, stated out that, “Johnson Controls has been working with DSOA at various fronts and has been an integral player in the design and construction of various systems in RIT Dubai`s new campus. We are excited about this partnership between DSOA, RIT Dubai, and Johnson Controls to develop an open ecosystem which will enhance and create opportunities for the community in areas of innovation, creativity, and sustainability. Students will have the opportunity to tap into the interactive OpenBlue dashboards from Johnson Controls and thus benefit and learn from the latest in AI-driven analytics on energy efficiency. This partnership will serve as an example of how a university should operate in the future to become a dynamic contender in creating new knowledge, sustainable solutions and connectivity in the region.”



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