Open Banking Payments Solutions lodged to European territory via ECOMMPAY’s Expansion strategy

The globalized Payment’s Service Provider as well as the Direct Banking Card’s acquirer, the ECOMMPAY, has recently made an announcement regarding the final module of payment system expansion as a resultant outcome via Open Banking Via ECOMMPAY to the European territory. This innovative, unique and exclusive solution would provide the doors of direct access for its clients for initiating their payments or transactions to be done online to any merchants.

The exclusive, unique and innovative Open Banking solution via ECOMMPAY leverage and utilizes the Open Banking technology module to the core, enabling the third-party providers for accessing the data for providing proper secured payment/financial transaction initiation via API connectivity.

The latest update comes via the research done via Open Banking Implementation Entity that has viewed recently that the overall uptake of the Open Banking has become doubled past six months, with an overall two million and counting humungous clientele lists optimally utilizing the data-sharing service.

The ECOMMPAY’s solutions will aid its clients to get connected over in excess of 4000 banks within more than 28 European nations, while the Merchants can accept payments via clients within real time, directly via their bank accounts. This solution is now made available within the UK, Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands etc, and the best news is that it will be further made available to other nations at the earliest.

Clients and Merchants Benefits via ECOMMPAY’s Payment Gateway: –

  • For the Shoppers, consumers, the Open Banking via the ECOMMPAY refers to as a confidential data that can be accessed securely and compliant via GDPR norms or necessity actions. All the core financial transactions are secured and stored at a solitary place, so as to aid better in credit decisions regard the loans, as well as other transactions that can be made promptly. The procurements also can be made better through utilization of smart gadgets, wherein the clients can simply log in on their online banking via their mobile application for approval of any financial transactions.
  • The Merchants can also hugely benefit from the direct access to latest payment infrastructure. Without the requirement for debit or credit cards, chargeback risks via frauds, inability for capturing funds are highly eliminated, and related card fees are also waivered off.
  • As this simplified process does not require mediators, the payment process is well-organized, and can also be customised through territory, currency as well as other localised necessities. While banks usually have occupied control over the services clients require such as loans or transfers, Open Banking carries these decisions under a solitary administration.

Better and Simplified Expansion in European territory: –

Historically, businesses flourishing into recent markets would require a partial banking alliance in conformity with facilitate the collection concerning direct due payments, or rear more than one issues round felony requirements, licenses then compliance. However, Open Banking by using ECOMMPAY lets in groups in conformity with makes use of one efficient, not pricey or easy price solution in accordance with make bigger inside Europe.

“With the pandemic shifting organizations on line quicker than ever before, the need because of fast, safe then secure charge methods is growing. There is an urgent need in accordance with cater in imitation of a variety of charge methods, and at the identical epoch in conformity with face fraud and cyber-crime.”

Paul Marcantonio, Executive Director concerning ECOMMPAY, commented: “Open Banking is revolutionising the pathway we pay, yet the recent growth into its makes use of shows people are searching because of more payments choice. Open Banking for Europe by means of ECOMMPAY intention allow to us in imitation of cater to the growing variety over humans receiving advantage on it secure, real-time yet easy price technology. Our answer intention pass retailers rapidly make bigger of new markets and be given repayments without delay beside customers’ financial institution accounts.”

ECOMMPAY has loved constant boom on account that its launch between 2012, yet has formed an international appearance along six international places of work then operations between resolution markets such as Asia, Europe, Africa, Russia yet the UK. The employer is a principal feature on Visa then Mastercard, and a part on Visa Direct and MoneySend, as properly so being the advance charge provider over the PayPal Commerce Platform and the advance acquirer to implement a Mastercard Dashboard. The agency choice lies hosting a webinar on Open Banking on 10th December.

ECOMMPAY yet its legion speaker’s intention seems to be at the distinctive possibilities to that amount commence banking brings because of businesses, the challenges faced imposing it, and what to perform that work beside each and every commercial enterprise angle. Key matters pleasure consists of what Open Banking pleasure have an impact on on-line enterprise within the future, the effect concerning Brexit and Covid-19, then or in imitation of end up an early adopter.


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