UAE’s billion-dollar digitalization drive accompanied by Digital UAE vision 2030 is in full swing as the UAE’s telecom sector giant ETISALAT has announced to cover the entire UAE with 5G Spectrum within 2019-2020. According to Saeed Al Zarouni, senior vice president, mobile networks, Etisalat, they have already laid a solid foundation to construct a next-gen infrastructure of building 300 5G towers and getting 600 5G sites in the first phase of 2019.

Mr. Zarouni also added that “UAE’s largest telecom giant has left no stone unturned to build strong infrastructure, hassle free network coupled with cloud computing for supporting services of IT and private sector companies and to roll out services as soon as 5G smartphone handsets are available for utilization in UAE.” They have also started working on 5G optimal core fiber technology for making optimal utility of the fifth gen dynamic, ultra-modern technological advancement.

As the name suggests the fifth-generation telecommunication platform will be a stealth force combining the ultra-faster data, voice, and a hassle-free communication networking concept all under one roof and would be overall a hassle-free experience and not compromised by the critical limitations of networks like capacity, bandwidth as well as inbuilt latent as well environmental forces.

According to words quoted by Mr. Zarouni, “The 5G telecom transformation also touted as ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will be a significant booster and package of relief for dynamic private sector firms, government entities, their vision to plan a smart city infra boom within 2023, tightening regions security, etc.”

Etisalat with few other telecom majors in UAE successfully tested a 5G telecommunication prototype meant to bolster “The Middle East, MEA, MENA and South African Countries at an Expo 2020 Dubai based site.” The fifth-generation network would be strengthened with lightning fast speed of 1.8 to 2GBPS, 2.5 times the rate of current 4G Network.

With Samsung opening the floodgates for 5G palm tablets cum smartphones, there is a need for urgency to build a stable infrastructure at the earliest especially in the Gulf as its home to a million smartphone consumers.

ETISALAT along with DU Networks projects the overall 5G Bandwidth to be available on two platforms, one with 3.5 GBPS speed and other with 4.5 GBPS speed for Industrial sectors.

Etisalat also has upgraded the broadband speed to double by implementing advanced digital technology to transform the business entities and within regular homes. According to Salvador Anglada, group chief business officer, Etisalat ‘They are very proud as well happy to offer complimentary upgradation of technology coupled with 5G Speeds of up to 600 MBPS within next two-three years as this will provide a professional edge along with the entities to sustain fierce competition.” At the local home ground project, the network speed will be upgraded free of cost from 50 MBPS to 100 MBPS.

Thus, ETISALAT along with DU Networks, project 5G platforms to be UAE’s futuristic revolutionary game over within 2020. Etisalat’s joint venture to provide 5G enabled smartphones in association with Swedish telecom giant Ericsson is also underway, and they are working throughout the year 2019-2020 to project this technological changeover.