With the ever growing competitive and dynamically attributed modern world, either of the two only attracts or appease a customer.

  • Miniature or small and
  • Bigger/huge facet of any concept.

Then be it a smaller or a bigger (7” Inches) smart phones or ordinary designer crockery set (small or big) or even for that matter the competitive automobile market which has seen a huge paradigm shift with presence of small cars to trendier, sportier and powerful bigger SUV’s, Sedans, MUV’s etc.

Today with advent of technologically and modern lifestyle the world has changed zillion folds the way it looked earlier. It’s not just the style icon and statement for getting attached with a huge or small facet of anything but the spice or the zing it powers to be called a proud owner of the same.

Definitely one cannot completely ignore the utility of smaller compact cars or things, but with constant and prolonged changes in technological front as well as human needs, desires, preferences and lust to capture everything, world’s become a centre stage for futuristic designer cum compact and sturdier yet elegant beasts. With it will go the notion that only “Bigger can look beautiful”. Same would be revolutionized in case of other things or concepts.