February 29, 2024

High Surge and improvement noted in Investment sentiments across UAE with UAE’s Gold Card Visa-A survey

  • According to a recent poll generated report, it states that existing UAE investors have a sudden increased appetite for surging ahead from rest of the world with newer, flexible and much improved financial portfolio, that would appease investors wanting and being a bit more open to begin investing in UAE’s growth.
  • A recent survey of UAE’s prime investors and residents put up their spirited refined show that there is a lot to take and positive vibe with recently implemented Gold Card permanent residency scheme.

This high-rise poll survey recorded observations from more than 1,000 respondents that also marked an indication of the increased appetite from the existing as well new investors having complete trust on their unique financial portfolio and being more opened towards investing in UAE’s bolder economy.

According to a recent survey conducted by Lootah Real Estate Development, the real estate development arm of Lootah Holding, “Another positive fact that determines improved Investment sentiments is that a whopping Seventy Nine percent of UAE investors stated that with launch of permanent residency scheme, and, as well consider expanding their investments within the country.”

A stance of Sixty-Eight percent of UAE expat investors stated that “They have abreast specific plans for the growth of particular investment portfolio, by putting more investments in the property, especially properties located in Dubai.

Thus, as per the recorded facts in a survey, property led from the front in investment class option (68 percent) and followed by business class (28 percent), and, at last down to stocks at a meagre 4 percent.

Those who had expressed their vested interests on property investments, 79.7 percent stated to be believed in investing their precious wealth in Dubai for sure.

The best part is that this optimism also extends to the category of the population who don’t have any kind off investments currently. Accordingly, to the survey, amongst 819 respondents who are not yet investors, 29 percent stated they will surely be elated and feel considering investing in UAE due to permanent residency scheme.

As per the words stated by Saleh Abdullah Lootah, CEO at Lootah Real Estate Development, “The overall growth in a total number of expats interested in real estate investments always signified them becoming more confident of the market. The property sector is the crux of all sectors driving UAE economy have significantly shifted the mind-set of investors giving a huge boost up to morale of buying from the age-old traditional practice of renting.”

Last month, an announcement was made in public that whopping 400 people have been amongst scores of populations to be granted the gold card residency visas. It was also announced that UAE has planned to issue a further 6,400 gold card visas by the end of the year.

As per the additional point stated by Saleh Abdullah Lootah, CEO at Lootah Real Estate Development, “This great positive game-changer of initiating the permanent residence visa by UAE government backs it down to stabilize and mobilize country’s economic condition, during facing stiff challenge in the form of slow down, and especially real estate market booming on 5 years high.

He also added that increased interest of foreign investors and expatriates in buying properties in the UAE is expected to even double by year-end, which will eventually drive the real estate sector to a boom.”

UAE’s first of its kind innovative scheme of new permanent visa is primarily seen as a massive game-changer for pooling and generating Foreign Direct Investments and as well attracting the topmost engineers, Scientists, and young star students.

Another crucial part that is USP of Gold Card Visa is that it is economical as well can be renewed automatically every ten years, as long as their buyers are disciplined in satisfying the terms and conditions.

Even Foreign Executive Directors will be made eligible to avail extension of this coveted Gold Card Visa scheme if their monthly earning salary is worth AED30, 000 ($8,200).

According to a presentation cited by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, all applicants who want to avail the scheme of having a ten years residency visa must have a bachelor’s degree as well a work experience of not less than five years.



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