July 12, 2024

Founder of Dubai based Millennial Capital a venture capital firm proudly state that empowerment of women has paid it rich success


With the mission and an enduring vision of founder Andreea Danila-the top women entrepreneur in the region herself, Millennial Capital-A Venture Capital Firm is all proud to think a bit differently, and being committed to offer its clients unique, innovative co-investment model and being committed to extend its support to most of women workforce committed completely to the senior roles for Venture Capital across the Middle-Eastern territory.

Millennial Capital is a Venture Capital firm that is working with the philosophy of re-writing the rulebook of traditional approaches to venture capital by having a complete refreshed amalgamation of both traditional, yet modern differed points usually unseen from traditionally conservative world of venture capital (VC).

It is the first of its kind unique, innovative consumer-focused venture capital entity in the territory that provides and supports: –

  • Innovative, sound and unique Management model;
  • Sustainable investment and
  • Continued growth.

It was founded in the year 2016 by Andreea Danila- top women entrepreneur who also have a decade of experience in the Venture Capital, acquisitions advising management skills, structuring, divestments and market entry strategy skills for few of the largest consumer product companies. She solely created Millennial Capital all by the varied skills she owned as well as the vast experience she had acquired over a decade with the core intention of providing sustainable approach to investment delivering an additional layer of management and in tandem give able support for offering an investment strategy.

The Venture Capital firm is proudly associated with actively aiding adequate support and empowerment of Women in the otherwise Male dominated world and are the pioneers for this movement in the region. Danila herself states that they are proud to be the lone Venture Capital firm across the region to have high proportion of women in management and senior roles, an active and committed policy that is their lifeline enhancing not just the workplace culture, but the company’s bottom line as well.

The firm Millennial Capital with region’s highest proportion of female staff in senior roles, plus its longer-term, ‘hand-in-hand’ approach is taking huge strides into varied sectors including beauty, accessories, retail and technology.

Empowerment Drive for Women Pays off completely: –

Danila stated that “There may be a clear gap in terms of female professionals in investment within the region; it’s only around 7 percent – it’s so small it’s embarrassing.”

“At Millennial Capital, we seek to possess a one-for-one policy and that we have a preferential approach therein if we’ve , for instance , a manager or director or CFO role and two equally qualified candidates, we might look to prioritise the feminine .”

Creating opportunities for ladies to develop their capability and expertise lies at the guts of the company’s philosophy, not least because it ultimately benefits investors and therefore the business itself.

Training and development during a performance-led culture underpins this approach, and it’s also been complemented by Millennial Capital’s first major investment project, which has seen O Boticario, a serious beauty group, delivered to the region.

A Refreshing Approach: –

Danila states that “they provide a full range of services, which may be a differentiator that they are really pleased with as they seek to show themselves to greater growth opportunities and in deployment of capital, but also adding huge value by providing a 360-degree set of consulting services.

We work in tandem with the management teams of the businesses we invest with, not just to capitalise, but also to develop long-term growth strategies. By providing this unique range of services, it enhances the return. it’s different to other VC firms that provide capital and just wait. We invest our resources alongside them and are a way closer a part of their journey.”

As per the words stated by Georges Chakar, Executive member of Millennial Capital “their venture creation and management firm targets partnerships with a number of the most loved global consumer discretionary brands. And all thanks to their development model, the ventures they establish and manage tend to realize significant scale and establish local market leadership positions within the categories they target both online and offline.”

Danila further adds on that “In Silicon Valley you would possibly have a gathering over coffee, in jeans, put up a business plan and it could get capital. Here, we would have liked to differentiate” “We were the primary to introduce a venture creation and management strategy within the region. What this entails is that the corporate provides not just capital, but tangible operational support to its new ventures, drawing on a team of highly experienced talent who understand the market and its unique challenges.”



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