July 18, 2024

Abu-Dhabi and Dubai becomes Arab World’s best in class liveable Cities


As according to the Global Liveability Index, as issued by The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) – the research and analysis division of Economist Group, Abu-Dhabi scored and has been touted as the Arab world’s most liveable city tag and is closely followed by Dubai.

It has happened for the past three years in row that the two cities have come close to 35th and 39th rankings as Abu-Dhabi came in distant 35th position followed by latter in the 39th position amongst 140 nations.

The survey listed the UAE capital the topmost as it surpassed all the native rankings concerning the quality of life – soaring from second position in 2019 – and rose three positions globally to 70th position. The index surveys the global most 140 liveable cities supported with 30 factors.

His Excellency and Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport Falah Muhammad Al Ahbabi, stated that “they operate under the vision of their wise leaders, from the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, to the direct instructions of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the soldiers , to reinforce the life-style in Abu Dhabi and maintain all possible development while preserving the environment. They are thus, dedicated this prestigious accolade to their endeavours and achievements.”

Al Ahbabi further added that the “Department’s vision is to supply an urban environment with all sustainable infrastructure to realize the prominent levels of well-being for existing and future generations. By improving the standard of life, they will become one amongst the simplest cities within the world to measure in.”

He added Abu Dhabi’s blend of recent urban planning and quality livelihoods are in line with best international practices and drawing attention from many countries globally.

The index measures the simplest cities within the world to measure in on the idea of surveying

  • The extent of luxury and well-being of living in each city,
  • Consistent with a group of criteria and determinants,
  • Stability;
  • Quality of health care;
  • Culture and environment;
  • Quality of education and infrastructure.

Each city receives a score against all these criteria, consistent with the Economist Intelligence Unit’s classification.

The town has also been investing in renewable sources of energy to undertake and reduce CO2 emissions. Recently, Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai announced that they would develop a replacement system that transforms waste into energy and renewable fuel. The town also features numerous plans to prevent single use plastic and recycling them for better and healthier surroundings. They have set up the plan to prevent all recycling of plastic and its optimal utilization by the year of 2021.

The news comes because the UAE was recently named the happiest Arab country and 21st within the world, consistent with a United Nations report.

In other news, the Telecommunications regulatory agency (TRA) has revealed that a lot of shops round the country have developed online services. Right from the Grocery stores, butcher shops, shopping centres, suppliers have all close and offered services for everybody to order directly online.

51 stores within the emirates became a neighbourhood of this online initiative. They launched mobile applications to supply remote services to all or any their customers. This initiative comes in the wake of the spread of the Coronavirus.

The UAE government has urged all to stay well indoors during this relentless pandemic. This decision has encouraged more people to utilize and order online services during this point. The economic development department in Dubai has conducted a recent survey. The results state that approximately 60 percent of shoppers within the UAE are confident and happy, with online shopping. Another 70 percent trust online payment method.



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