June 22, 2024

For addressing the crisis economic impact, Bahrain announces stimulus package worth $470Mn to be added to its Budget


To fight and cope up with the overall damage and mitigating the risk of the spreading health-virus-economic crisis, Bahrain is all set to bolster the economy by pushing forth $470Mn (BD177m) to the kingdom’s budget on the strict instructions announced by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa through the kingdom run Bahrain News Agency (BNA).

During the April the kingdom introduced fierce spending on cuts within an effort to bolster the budget within the twin strikes of the health-virus-economic quibble as well as the crash between oil prices, slashing working prices for the ministries and government departments via 30 percent. At the time, the council additionally agreed after reschedule a wide variety regarding construction then other projects, namely nicely as much granting people unpaid leave.

Bahrain, the youngest amongst economies over the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members, has the introduced safety on a $10bn bailout package secured from its native allies of 2018. Still, its fiscal buffers will take place under strain, including the global Monetary Fund projecting the finances poverty at as regards sixteen percent of Gross domestic production its year.

According in conformity with a previous report by BNA, Bahrain’s Gross domestic product growth costs have been below 1.1 percent during the first quarter compared after the identical duration in 2019.

In March, Bahrain rolled oversea a 4.3 billion-dinar ($11.4bn) package in conformity with aid its personal sector. The country has and far stated 33,476 cases on the virus-related crisis since the threshold of the same started, as it has claimed the lives of over 109 people throughout the country.



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The Vital force to reckon for recovery post the crisis is the path to make a Sustainable Investment
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