July 18, 2024

For speeding up MENA territories recovery, Google-Technology giant has launched $13 Million Digital Initiative

For speeding up MENA territories recovery, Google-Technology giant has launched $13 Million Digital Initiative
For speeding up MENA territories recovery, Google-Technology giant has launched $13 Million Digital Initiative

The tech giant will be the core in providing a Financial assistance as well as provide a digital training via their latest initiative.

The Tech giant Google has already unveiled a plan for speeding up the economic recovery of the MENA territory via a whole digital transformation. Their “Grow stronger initiative” alongside Google’s programme will be offering the tools, training as well as powerful financial grants that is worth in excess of $13 Million for empowerment of native businesses as well as jobseekers.

On the Google My Business Platform the technology giant will register in 1 Lakh Fifty thousand businesses within Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE, and as well as get them fortified alongside the digital marketing skills.

Lino Cattaruzzi, Managing Director at Google within the Mena territory stated that “Within the uncertain Pandemic time frame the online tools have been the lifeline for masses making the most of this online prospective that can support people, businesses as well as communities within UAE and also within broader territory for bouncing back robustly.

There is no second doubt that the virus-persuaded slump down has upset the global economy in a spate of bother, also rendering millions unemployed. As according to the statistics this year’s 2020’s Arab Youth Survey, one out of every five younger Arabs stated that they or their family members have lost their jobs. As well as a startling fact has also emerged that seven out of ten stated further that it was “excessively tougher” or a “little tougher” for finding a new job, comparatively to a timeframe before COVID-19.

Thereby 41 percent within the UAE have felt and stated that its much tougher in finding up a new job than that of finding it even before the progression of the Pandemic. Therefore, the technology giant is unleashing the timely aid in form of financial support that includes: –

  • Providing loans and other financial aids.
  • Advertising grants.
  • Credits for varied governments, social institutions as well as the businesses severely troubled due to the Pandemic.
  • These are additionally than the already ongoing aid from the firm for the local as well as native businesses within the territory, Google further stated.
  • The technology giant will also support in disbursing grants that are worth $1.1 Million for institutions like Mercy Corps, the Arab Tourism organization as well as the Youth Business International, that are the part of mentoring budding entrepreneurs across the territory.

Via another survey was done through global staffing firm Robert Half, seven within ten UAE workforce stated that they are in pursuit of reassessing their careers due to the Pandemic trouble.

The tech giant Google is committed to get million people fortified as well as the businesses within the territory in MENA with the digitalized skills as well as support them to expand in their businesses within end of next year. The most sought-after jobs require the contenders with applied digital talents.

With prime focus on Women Empowerment, Google-tech giant will be in pursuit for providing training to 4,00,000 developers and provide aid for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. Out of it around 1,40,000 will be from within Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Cattaruzzi stated that “They will remain primarily hugely optimistic regard the future of this territory, and that they are hugely confident of working together alongside local partners, they can bolster huge recovery as well as figure on swift acceleration via a tech adoption that has been viewed during the time of catastrophe.”

He also further stated that “the initial legion of the fifteen start-ups will be scrutinized within November that will last for three months’ time period.” The firm also has unveiled a unique, innovative tool known as Market Finder within the territory to support native business expansion into emerging as well as newer markets and acquire clients universally.

Initially during the starting, they will be available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia as well as the Egypt. Mena shops be able also list their merchandise free over cost on the Google Shopping tale in imitation of assist them join along extra customers, regardless about whether those advertise along Google then not.

The technological firm has teamed over including Kiva, a California-based online lending platform, for offering $3Million within loans in accordance with financially aid lots on underserved younger corporations among the region, that said. “As we work in the direction of our latter target of helping upon 50,000 native corporations grow … we are elevating the time even greater and leveraging our skillful tie-up with Google according to aid agencies together with digital advertising and training,” pronounced Hamad Buamim, president and chief executive of Dubai Chamber.



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