May 26, 2024

As per latest report UAEs businesses are hugely keen to grab the hybrid cloud platform


The latest report as commissioned from Nutanix showcased that almost 15 percent of the UAEs businesses utilize legacy data centre-only ecosystem.

The report also showcased that almost a third (35 percentage) of UAE industries are powered via the private cloud infrastructure model. The survey revealed that The Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI), announced that UAE has tied up with Australia as well as Italy for getting the highest comprehension regarding the private cloud amongst all firms ECI polled globally.

Private cloud is an element of the variable hybrid cloud model, which 83 percent of respondents in the UAE approve is the ideal IT operating model going ahead.

Over the subsequent five years down the lane, respondents in UAE plan to diminish all the IT models in utilization except for hybrid cloud, that they anticipate expanding substantially. As per the report showcased the Hybrid cloud/ multi-cloud will account for 45 percent of latest placements in the same time frame.

The UAE appears to have done a sufficient job of paring down their utilization of legacy data centre-only ecosystems, reporting below-average penetration of 15 percent while the nation is right in line with averages for hybrid cloud embracing (just 10 percent penetration).

UAE IT pros are transitioning to a hybrid cloud ecosystem for better industry outcomes, not just to save cost. UAE respondents cited better control of IT resource practice (65 percent), enhanced swifter to deliver industry requirements (61 percent), and better assistance for remote working (61 percent) as their top motivators.

More than a third of respondents from the UAE (35 percent) reported being short on the IT skills essential to cope with hybrid cloud ecosystems, and over a fourth (29 percent) stated they will be deficient in skills in cloud-native and container technology, such as Kubernetes.

Security, privacy, and compliance muscles together exemplify the number one determining factor when pondering new IT deployments. This was approved by 26 percent of UAE respondents.

Budget gains ranked a distant second (13 percent); from there, respondents from the UAE were highly separated in their selections of the top IT deployment decision factor. More respondents from the UAE did testify having to abide by executive-level directives as their top principle (9 percent) than average (2 percent).

COVID-19’s positive impact on IT

Majority of the UAE respondents (83 percent) stated that the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered IT to be regarded more deliberately within their organizations. The pandemic has in many cases compelled IT shops to turn to the cloud for readily accessible infrastructure that can have room for larger numbers of work-from-home employees.

Indeed, while more than a fourth of respondents from the UAE (28 percent) described having no regular remote workforce one year ago, that number has tumbled to 4 percent since the upswing of the pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic generally pushed new investments in cloud infrastructure and tools. Nearly half (47 percent) of UAE respondents reported making new ventures in hybrid cloud and private cloud, while 33 percent reported boosted investments in public cloud infrastructure services because of the pandemic. Far fewer respondents from the UAE described making no new infrastructure investments because of the pandemic (1 percent) than in other territories.

“It is definitely a huge sign that firms in the UAE have a healthy embracing of private cloud and numerous public cloud infrastructures. Both these components are an essential step on the voyage to a major hybrid cloud ecosystem, as enterprises achieve the right mix of management tools and skillsets to manage the job,” stated Aaron White, senior sales director, METI at Nutanix.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced IT significances. It shifted many businesses’ IT focus from organized projects to remote infrastructure build outs to aid home workers. However, in doing so, it has enhanced cloud utilize, provoking the enlargement of fundamental cloud infrastructure that is critical to hybrid cloud plans and, more broadly, to corporate digital revolution projects.”



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