June 15, 2024

As per IIF Arab League’s third largest economy Egypt to undergo digitized shift to progress could upsurge competitiveness as well as raise productivity


Within 2020-2021, the Arab League’s third largest economy is all poised to progress at 2.3%.

As per the Institute of International Finance stated that: North-African territories largest and Arab League’s third biggest economy, Egypt is all poised to progress 2.3 percent within the fiscal year 2020-2021, as it has done well and beaten the estimates with doing well even during COVID-19 onslaught.  However, much deeper transformations are required as well as digitized revolution process could aid for surging up the productivity standards.

The IIF stated in a report on February 10, that: the nation has overviewed moderate progression from 3.6 percent in the previous fiscal year, financed by cooperative financial and fiscal policies as well as advancement on pre-pandemic reforms.

The report via the institute’s chief Mena economist Garbis Iradian, stated that: “Partial lockdowns and other restrictions may have less of a detrimental economic impact in the second half of the current fiscal year, as consumers and businesses have found ways to adapt and capitalise on the major progress made in digital transformation and FinTech.”

It further added that, the outlook, is however fully crowded through uncertainty, with the security perils dependent upon how pandemic advances, progress within vaccination roll out as well as whether latest COVID-19 variants will activate another surge within the cases.

The Arab league’s third-largest economy was the solitary one in the Middle East and North Africa to evade a shrinkage in 2020. Egypt had safe provision from the International Monetary Fund, in the form of a Swift Credit Facility and a Stand-by Arrangement, to enhancement of the health and social expenditure and to sustenance for the private sector.

The institution further stated: “Robust fiscal consolidation will be unavoidable once the Covid-19 crisis abates, to put public debt-to-GDP ratio back on a downward path.”

Egypt’s exterior funding position “warrants attention” as the nation’s existing account deficit has expanded and debt amortization will remain atop in the forthcoming years.

Its projections specify that debt will gain authority up to 92 percent of GDP by June 2021 and a minutest primary excess of 2 percent of GDP will be desirable to diminish the debt. The IIF guesses Egypt’s fiscal shortfall to expand to 8.5 percent of gross domestic product in the 2020-2021 fiscal year since of lower tax incomes and advanced expenditure.

Proceeds from tourism, which accounted for 10 percentage GDP beforehand the pandemic stuck and is a crucial source of foreign exchange earnings, is anticipated to deteriorate. This slump in tourism income will extend the existing account shortfall to 4 percent of GDP during the existing fiscal year.

Tourism is unlikely to recuperate fully before 2023 as pandemic-related travel interruptions are likely to endure for some time, the IIF stated. However, payment inflows from Egyptians abroad, a crucial source of foreign currency for Egypt, will endure broadly stable.

Foreign direct investment may endure to deteriorate discreetly to around $5bn and endure focused in the energy sector, though more FDI in industrial and the digital economy will be “sorely needed,” the IIF stated.

The institute believes Egypt to tap global debt markets to meet its funding necessities. Earlier this week, Egypt traded $3.75bn worth of bonds in an offer that was 4.4-times oversubscribed, the Ministry of Finance stated in a statement.

Looking ahead, the IIF stated profounder reforms are desirable for a post-COVID economic salvage.

Difficulties to native private sector investment necessity to be undertaken while private sector contribution in all segments must be stimulated to diminish inadequacies from relying on a few huge players in the economy, it stated.

Superior exchange rate suppleness may also benefit the Egyptian economy to better engage the possessions of further external shocks and progress attractiveness, with involvement limited to disorderly market conditions, the IIF stated further.

The IIF also suggested that establishments look to reform public gaining to recover suppleness, boost evolution and distribute comprehensive benefits for all inhabitants. This necessitates imposing reporting necessities for state-owned enterprises to recover transparency and economic discovery.

It also suggested revising the competition law to backing a level playing field for all stakeholders.

“Such reforms will raise total factor productivity (TFP) and boost the supply of highly qualified labour, which is needed to raise potential growth,” it stated.

Heartening private investment, predominantly in transportation and digital infrastructure, can also benefit to create more jobs and moderate the domestic demand shocks due to the pandemic, which may have a long-term impact on Egypt’s progress trajectory, it stated.

Still, the IIF stated it is stimulated by the progress Egypt made in digital revolution, which could also progress attractiveness and promote the efficiency of labour and capital.



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