June 22, 2024

For overall recovery of the Kingdom’s Construction arena, Saudi Arabia’s PIF to play a crucial role

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There is a recovery mode to be set in for the Saudi Arabia’s Construction arena, this fiscal year, as it gets huge benefit from the Public Investment Fund’s initiative to direct better funding for the native economy.

As per the US-Saudi Business Council, Contract awards within the preceding year in 2020, within the Kingdom plummeted by around 60 percent to 79.5Bn Saudi Riyals ($21.2bn) as there was a tussle between project owners and whose movements curbed out the further increase of the COVID-19 Pandemic, global supply-chain disruptions as well as shrinkage in the overall Manpower dimensions.

The Arab league’s biggest economy upsurged the spending by an additional $42Bn within the year 2020 to pact with the Pandemic’s impetus. However, capital spending was slashed by $37Bn, from as budgeted of $46Bn, which overall had a bash-on effect on the construction arena.

The USSBC further stated that: “As the global economy crawls back to a new normal, the role of the PIF will be instrumental in developing the local economy.”

The Director of Economic Research at the USSBC, Albara’a Alwazir stated out that: “Although the PIF outlined 13 sectors that will be the focus of its strategic plan, we have already seen the impact on the construction sector. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this strategy in 2021 will be the real estate sector.”

The PIF’s Roshn establishment – launched in August last year to progress urban societies across the kingdom – had already commenced awarding contracts by the cease of the year, when it activated work on its initial community in Riyadh.

Roshn “will be very vigorous in 2021 and into the medium term” as it contributes towards the goal of growing home ownership in the kingdom to 70 percent by 2030, Mr Alwazir said.

The fund is also enduring to back numerous of the kingdom’s flagship structure projects, like that of the $500bn Neom city, the Red Sea Development Project, the Qiddiya entertainment city, Diriyah Gate, Al Ula and others.

The PIF’s five-year tactical approach, tossed in January, aims to more than double the worth of its assets under management to $1.07 trillion and to pledge $40bn annually to progress the domestic economy until 2025.

Its contribution “will diminish the burden on the government, which has borne much of the capital expenditures over the years”, offering up to 85 percent of the government’s freshly announced $6tn of accessible investment opportunities, the USSBC said.

Earlier this week, the parent firm of Saudi Arabia’s biggest contractor, Saudi Binladin Group, stated that it will embrace a meeting with its lenders on Wednesday to offer more details on its rearrangement proposals.

Binladin International Holding Group stated that it “operates in a market with substantial prospects” that could permit the firm to regain its market leadership once it has been revitalized. These are inclusive of “the giga and mega development projects presently under way as well as the enormous contracts award progress expected in the kingdom”, the firm added.



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