July 18, 2024

Right time to pick or replace gun

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By InstaForex

Nearly a year later since the WHO announced the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries worldwide are removing social and economic restrictions. People can eventually inhale a sweet smell of liberty. The global economy is picking up steam. Like complications with the disease, the world’s economy was struck by the pandemic-induced crisis which triggered natural volatility of national currencies.

Countries are dealing with the crisis in their own way that poses a challenge to national currencies and makes them sensitive to virtually any event. Highly volatile markets are a real safari for novice and savvy traders. Importantly, before you set about hunting for a zebra or a lion, make sure you pick the right gun.  

A whole myriad of brokers, both good or below the par, offer entirely different conditions nowadays. Some of them give priority to trading conditions. Some firms entice clients with analytics or even assistance. There are brokers who do not cover up their modest scope but promise a spread which cannot exist in the market. Unlike them, some large-scale and reliable brokers welcome only experienced traders and beginners who are ready to deposit at least $1,000 for their debut. We are not going to provide guidelines on choosing a broker or compare advantages and disadvantages of financial services providers. Let’s make it simpler and put under the microscope one of the leaders among global brokerage firms to figure out its strong and weak points as well as highlight truly helpful services.

We would like to introduce InstaForex, the broker with a 15-year experience and 7 million clients! The first thing to understand before we get into a taxi is a route and what fare is charged for a trip. In essence, a broker is a vehicle that delivers us to the world of financial markets. The list of trading instruments from InstaForex is enormous: 100 currency pairs, 89 CFDs on US stocks, gold and silver, stock indices, CFDs on futures, and dozens of popular cryptocurrencies.                   

The broker offers highly flexible spreads that are below average and depend on market conditions. To register an account, a trader is free to make any deposit. The broker opens the doors to everyone. You can challenge its trading conditions, testing a cent account or an account deposited with just $5 or practicing on a demo account free of charge. It is up to you!

The company invites its clients to trade on MetaTrader platform of the 4th and 5th latest versions and its web version. What is special about this trading platform? It is like a Volkswagen in the world of trading software. In other words, it is time-tested, reliable, convenient, and popular. It is certainly not a Rolls Royce that you do not need. The most important is that a lion’s share of expert advisers, scripts, and trading signals has been tailor-made for MetaTrader. Hence, if you prefer customized trading to old school trading, you can trade both ways on MetaTrader.

InstaForex found a cardinal solution to the key question of analytics and information provision. The company employed an array of leading analysts with considerable trading expertise and who successfully manage their own portfolios. In fact, the guys who on behalf of InstaForex give you expert advice and make forecasts based on their vast trading experience are truly ace traders and analysts from around the world. Notably, they are not students sitting in a cramped office somewhere in Maynila and searching for news and forecasts. No way! They are forex gurus who have been picked for the international analytic team that provides InstaForex clients with in-depth market analysis and forecasts.  

You may wonder whether the company can offer some boons. It can! For example, those who are obsessed with security will be pleased about segregated accounts with the bank-level protection. Still not inspired? What about the ForexCopy service? Having chosen any trader from the monitoring list, you subscribe to his/her trading. In a nutshell, duplicating all of his/her positions, you trade with the same efficiency as a successful trader. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone. Indeed, you immediately enhance the quality of your trading to an advanced level. At the same time, you learn when copying positions. Take advantage of this cool service in parallel with trading on your own!         

The PAMM system is another labor-saving service. It is rather about investments than trading. You should pick a PAMM trader, invest in his/her trading, and take both your investment and a profit share once he/she has gained a profit.

It seems to be a smooth business. Nevertheless, any international broker with hundreds of affiliates and millions of clients around the world could run into the common problem. Due to a large-scale scope, the company might lose direct contact with every client. Any business could encounter this stumbling block and the market of financial services is no exception. InstaForex solves this problem by the humongous staff supporting customers in all languages of its introducing brokers and also by analysis of the clients’ trading. If a company can instantly customize any service or product for any client, it does not matter how many clients there are – 7,000 or 7,000,000. A company should expand its business in proportion to the growth of its clientele. Only on that condition, expansion of a geographical scope does not affect a person-to-person contact. Indeed, a forex broker is not a chain restaurant that greatly depends on the human factor and customer preferences in a particular country.         

If you are still puzzling out what InstaForex is like, here is another weighty argument. Perhaps, you should be aware that well-known brands and big names actively promote InstaForex. You can hardly neglect it. InstaForex used to cooperate with 8-time Olympic biathlon Champion Ole Einar Bjørndalen and ex-world No. 8 tennis player Janko Tipsarević.

Besides, the company was an official partner of legendary Liverpool Football Club for 4 years. Nowadays, Viswanathan Anand, the 15th World Chess Champion, is a renowned InstaForex brand ambassador. The broker is one of the regional sponsors of the highly popular Borussia Dortmund who has won 8 Bundesliga championships. Hardly any provider of financial services can afford partnership with such stars of the sports elite. Make your choice, ladies and gentlemen! Before that, make sure you visit the broker’s official website and get to know its services and perks.

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