July 13, 2024

For a better futuristic time-frame Innovation must keep sustainability at its core


As per the words stated by Dr. Dalya Al Muthanna, the President for the UAE territory as well as the global chief of Strategy as well as Operations at GE’s International Markets the latest technologies, solutions as well as merchandize, strategies are core for offering up an efficient as well as dynamic operations, while it is integral to have the sustainability to its core for the smooth functioning of operations.

She further noted out in her exclusive interview alongside the Khaleej Times, that the climatic shift action is amongst the topmost priority for the governments, like that in the UAE, as well as the Businesses that are in pursuit to look out for accomplishment of their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) obligations, must have revolutionary technology in sustainability as a dominant pillar.

Al Muthanna discovered that the team at GE Research hosts over 1,000 researchers and innovators incessantly promised in “building a world that works.” Currently, she stated that that they are promised in over 350 projects that will add to the firm’s track-record of holding over 375 patents – with numerous added each year. The research is also maintained by global partnerships that aids entities innovate new solutions.

Al Muthanna also stated out that; “Water is the lifeline of societies, and ensuring reliable water supply has been one of the tasks our technologies have delivered for over 80 years in our region. Water supply in this region has primarily been secured through desalination, which, as you know, is an energy-intensive process. We need to look at renewable and sustainable solutions for assured water supply that meet the UN Sustainable Development Goal for Clean Water and Sanitation.”

She also further explained out that “Our researchers, together with top scientists and engineers from the University of California at Berkeley, University of Chicago, and University of South Alabama are developing and designing a highly compact, portable device that can produce clean, safe water out of thin air. This innovative device is light enough to be lifted by just four people, and will utilise new material innovations, thermal processes, and additive manufacturing to produce enough daily water in arid areas.”

Towards this end, GE is incorporating out the power of digitization, and numerous path-breaking innovations are being rolled out, extending from healthcare to resource management.

GE has also been performing an active role in attempting the hurdles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The firm has stepped up ventilator production, functioned with clinics to upsurge their capacity, and manufactured, assembled and circulated the ‘CT in a Container’ solution around the world – including in the UAE – highlighting advanced Computed Tomography (CT) equipment by GE Healthcare that aids in diagnosing viral pneumonia that is the cause of the Covid-19.

In addition, GE Healthcare lately declared that it had acquired Zionexa, a principal innovator of in-vivo oncology and neurology biomarkers that benefit enable more personalized healthcare.

“We plan to develop Zionexa’s pipeline biomarkers and other technology to achieve better outcomes for patients with recurrent or metastatic breast cancer,” Al Muthanna said. “Our researchers have also collaborated with academic partners to develop a novel, simultaneous multi-source Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) for non-invasive real-time lung monitoring and assessment.”

“Another exciting project is the ‘Digital Womb’, our mission to help infants grow and develop healthily by creating sensors that continuously monitor without obstructing them in any way,” she explained. “With this data, new parameters and insights can be developed to help improve the care neonatologists give for reducing pain, increasing sleep, and improving overall monitoring approaches. This is of great value for premature infants and its elements can be used to monitor patients of all ages.”

“Now, we are taking the next step with what we call the ‘Virus Hunters’ which are tiny sensors that are being developed to enable smartphones to detect the coronavirus,” Al Muthanna said. “A success could mean that, in the future, smartphones and smartwatches equipped with such sensors could help users detect not only the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing Covid-19, but also other pathogens and irritants. For this technology, our researchers are drawing on GE’s years of experience in developing industrial sensors that can detect minute amounts of gases and chemicals in the environment.”

“We continue to explore such opportunities for the near and far future because we believe that being a step ahead when it comes to technology and innovation is the only way to be,” she stressed. “That way, we can continue to work with our partners to support the needs of communities and transform the world.”



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