May 27, 2024

VeriBlock Foundation alliance with for nurturing Blockchain Ecosystem security


For nurturing the security of the global blockchains via eco-friendly utilization of the Bitcoin’s Mining power, collaborates mutually along with VeriBlock.

A Cayman Islands Non-profit firm dedicated all together, The VeriBlock Foundation, is all promoting the nurturing as well as adoption of VeriBlock®’s Proof-of-Proof® (PoP®) security technology, has alliance together with, investing within their all powerful software as well as services designated in order for optimization as well as decentralization of PoW mining at scale.

Justin Fisher, CEO as well as Co-Founder of VeriBlock commented, “We’re excited to partner with to further increase the security and robustness of the VeriBlock ecosystem and look forward to the altchain PoP mining optimizations this partnership can provide. It’s wonderful to work with partners like Titan who understand the benefits PoP adoption provides to the Bitcoin mining industry.”

Ryan Condron, CEO and Co-Founder of stated, “The Titan team has worked hard to develop North America’s first enterprise-grade Bitcoin mining pool. We’re excited to enhance our Bitcoin mining services with PoP, not only to make Bitcoin greener but also to increase Bitcoin miner revenue in a mutually beneficial way. We also look forward to exploring future use cases with the VeriBlock community as we develop our upcoming protocol, a decentralized peer-to-peer platform for building trustless hashpower tokens, DEXs, and other hashpower DeFi products.”

Titan has also in form of a partnership agreement, sanctioned out the VeriBlock’s Proof-of-Proof protocol, guaranteeing that they will empower at least one PoP transaction whenever their pool mines a Bitcoin block.

This significantly upgrades the security VeriBlock offers out to blockchains that depends on them for Decentralized, Trustless, Transparent, and Permissionless (“DTTP®”) security powered by Bitcoin. 

The guarantee of mining pools like to always comprises off the PoP transactions further amplifying VeriBlock as a leader in the blockchain security ecosystem.

Matthew Roszak, Strategic Investor and Advisor in VeriBlock and Co-Founder of also stated out that, “Early on, we recognized the benefits VeriBlock provides both to Bitcoin miners and the world’s altchain ecosystem. We’re all excited to see Titan lead the charge in Bitcoin mining pools officially endorsing this technology, helping to harden the cement of the entire ecosystem while providing additional value to Titan miners.”

The Titan Mining Pool significantly provides a robust North American alternative and pathway for Bitcoin/PoW miners to accomplish in the efficiency and scale miners enjoy in other regions around the globe while introducing a new protocol for provable hashpower.

The outcome is a fresh platform that offers miners superior access to larger markets for their crypto compute power, permiting others to invest and buy/sell this new commodity at reduced risk, and offers out an additional prospects for the entire mining industry via financial derivatives/futures as well as services for lending, custody, OTC, and trading.



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