May 21, 2024

A P2P Crypto Exchange platform unveiled by Team Cryptster

Buy Bitcoin from Cryptster

The unique and innovative P2P Crypto Exchange platform is created for the satisfaction of requirements for thousands of Crypto Enthusiasts globally.

The brand-new podium created by Cryptster’s P2P Exchange platform was structured specifically for the utilization in the nations wherein procuring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are quite some challenges and is a sort of certain inconvenience.

The current team that functions or is focussed on this project is quite aware regarding the common set of hurdles on the continent and therefore do clearly have an idea regarding the vitality of the P2P trading format.

The platform is quite a requisite in the nations where the current roadblock on the way to procurement of the Bitcoins is a lack of suitably functional banking system.

Procurement of the Bitcoin, and approving it as a payment instrument, is a perfect as well as sometimes, the solitary solution to secure yourself from constant inflation.

However, huge budget, absence of guaranteed secured measures and virtually no transparency are the explanations why public in territories, like that of the Africa or South America, trust more and more on firms like Cryptster to procure the Bitcoin as well as the altcoins.

Cryptster co-founder Alex Кross, stated out that; “The priority underlying the creation of this platform were high transparency and safety of transactions. Add worldwide accessibility at the lowest fees and you have an excellent opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency strictly on a person-to-person basis.”

Mr. Kross, was also prompt to affirm out that, “As far as clients’ assets are concerned, we leave nothing to chances. At Cryptster, we take the safety of users’ personal information and financial data with all due seriousness.”

The Core Cryptster’s USP:

  • 2-Factor Authentication login.
  • Free built-in Multisig wallet upon registration.
  • No limit on the number of offers published or the amount traded.
  • Generation of additional addresses within the wallet for enhanced security.
  • Free and instant asset transfers within the platform. 
  • Adjustable working hours to let other users know when offers are available. 
  • Trade and Direct chat options for in-trade communications.
  • Conversation over chat is encrypted and absolutely private.
  • Secure storage of financial data in a private blockchain as smart contracts.
  • Feedback system as user performance indicator.

Unlike centralized crypto exchanges, P2P exchanges proposition a variety of payment possibilities: online payment, for cash, and other forms of payment comprising the gift cards of your prospective.

It is also a truly user-friendly site as well. To make its facilities even more attractive, Cryptster has set a service fee at just 0.25% per trade. However, only the individual who posted the offer to sell or procure the cryptocurrency, will be charged the fee.

Anyone willing to exchange fiat to bitcoin (BTC) or vice versa can sign up with only email address and a password.   The site provisions all financial procedures data as smart contracts on private blockchain ledger. This possesses all logs immutable and not manageable to any manipulation.




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