April 13, 2024

Binance ropes in Aron Akbiyikian as Director of Audit and Investigations

Aron Akbiyikian-Director of Audit and Investigations

The global leading Blockchain as well as Cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, Binance, has roped in the expertise of Aron Akbiyikian as the New Director of Audit and Investigations wing.

Aron Akbiyikian Core Roles: –

  • His core role will be to aid ensuring that Binance as well as the cryptocurrency sector will be in general be the most secured hub for their clients, with a robust stress on eliminating the global worst elements from the ecosystem.
  • The Core operational activity also comprises of focussing upon identification of the worst scenario or models that are currently functional and utilizing the Binance Podium and gradually monitor their movements via the blockchain to aid the law enforcement agencies globally to take them down.

Past Expertise and Profile: –

  1. TRM Labs and Chainalysis: – Aron has a wealth of expertise, joining all the way from the TRM Labs. He also donned the role of priorly powering out on the investigations wing at Chainalysis, wherein he had investigated out and aided out for curbing out the utilization of the Blockchain from criminals.
  2. Detective role and Forensic Analyst in Mariposa County, California: – Priorly, he had also dynamically shown his commitment for fighting out the crime as the detective within Mariposa County in California, wherein he had also focussed upon forensic analysis of digital media.
  3. Welcome2Video: – Aron worked on a number of high-profile cases, including “Welcome2Video,” in which his work was instrumental in helping global security forces bring criminals to justice.
  4. FinTech Space: – He is especially interested in increasing collaboration with others fighting for the same, from civil servants to non-profits and other private sector services in the fintech space, and in continuing to evolve internal systems that effectively prevent. They proactively facilitate illicit activities and respond to incidents that are already occurring.

Statement from Aron Akbiyikian

Aron Akbiyikian stated, “”I had to withdraw from law enforcement after an unfortunate helicopter accident that broke too many bones to continue that career. That was the catalyst for me to join the crypto world and I really consider myself lucky to be able to continue. helping to make the world a better place through that and I look forward to continuing this work at Binance.”

“Every time we work to remove the world’s worst elements from the crypto ecosystem, we are helping to secure the entire space. No one wants to be associated with the perpetrators of heinous crimes, and getting them out of crypto keeps users out of crypto. safe from being inadvertently associated with them. At the same time, crypto users can feel more confident that they and their loved ones are less likely to be victims of certain crimes, due to the efforts of many dedicated people who are trying to make the crypto space, and the world, more secure.”




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