May 26, 2024

Katzscan introduces latest course for the B2B/B2C retail vendors

Norman Katz, President of Katzscan Inc.

Norman Katz, renowned Supply Chain Vendor Compliance Authority as well as Consultant’s recently unveiled Katzscan’s “Big Retail Ready” Course for the B2B/B2C retail vendors plus their partners.

The ecommerce boom has definitely turned out as the most singular topic for the general client’s procurement conversation in today. As the general circumstance still remains that the clients in general relish upon the touch-and-feel experience for specified procurement campaigns.

Retailers are also eagerly awaiting to view more clients at their stores to fulfil their merchandize demands, thus imparting a financial sense for the retailers too, to counter out the returns for the online purchases that surely is three to four times robust than the in-store sales. Thrusted procurement in general inclines to be greater in-store than been online.

Statement from Norman Katz, President of Katzscan Inc., and originator of the Big Retail Ready© course: –

The President of Katzscan Inc., originator for Big Retail Ready© course, stated out that, “I have been helping retail B2B/B2C fulfillment vendors since 1993. The technical and operational mandates imposed by retailers are challenging to understand and successfully achieve, even for top CPG brands.”

Katz was also prompt and stated that, “Retailers, including grocers, want to work with local and diversity sellers, and don’t want costly disruption in their supply chains from vendors, but are neither proactively nor reactively providing this helpful and critical supply chain compliance education to their vendors.

3PLs can also benefit from this course, because they are responsible for order fulfilment and thus supply chain compliance on behalf of their retail vendor clients, so the 3PL shares chargeback control and performance responsibilities.”

Apart from the vast interest possessed on the subject knowledge also the technical expertise (For an illustration: – ERP, EDI, barcode labelling, Operational Aspects), Katz also is the author for his initial exclusive book regarding the supply chain vendor compliance. “Successful Supply Chain Vendor Compliance” (Gower/Routledge, December 2015) is circulated globally, powering out the Katz as supply chain vendor compliance authority. The book’s website is

Katz offers six comprehensive modules, making a coverage of wide array of topics ranging from: –

  • How vendor compliance impacts a company.
  • Key aspects of vendor compliance.
  • An introduction to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Features of barcode label printing.
  • Data management and software integration.
  • How to avoid common chargebacks.

Comparatively to the ecommerce souk selling, the general merchandizes opted via a physical retail distribution channel are subjected to that off the retailer’s supply chain technical, operational requisites, also known as vendor compliance.

Chargebacks is a point to ponder and refers to as costly financial penalties incurred by any vendor when they fail to comply rules and obligations. For more information on the Big Retail Ready© online course, visit the website link at

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