February 24, 2024

Interswitch Group partners Codebase Technologies for digitalizing banks across Africa


Interswitch Group (Interswitch), is pleased to announce out latest strategic partnership with Codebase Technologies (CBT) for rapid digitalization of banking shift across African continent. The Africa’s pioneered technology firm Interswitch cantered round a global open banking API solution provider CBT for digitalization of banking shifts across African continent.

With a collective vision of serving Africa’s financial institutions and clients make the shift to digital banking, Codebase Technologies’ Digibanc SaaS platform a flawless complement to Interswitch’s prevailing payments and digital banking offering, and together the partnership will benefit in broadening the access to financial services for Africans, powering the greater financial inclusion across the continent.

Hosted via Interswitch, Digibanc SaaS, will empower financial institutions within West-East African continent with complete SaaS proficiencies via a swifter and cost-effective deployment model, consenting true economies of scale.

Operating with the Codebase Technologies team, will benefit Interswitch to widen its current digital offering, while leveraging Interswitch’s brand recognition to upsurge the reach and visibility of Digibanc SaaS in Africa.

Statement from Jonah Adams, Interswitch’s Divisional CEO for Digital Infrastructure & Managed Services

Jonah Adams, Interswitch’s Divisional CEO for Digital Infrastructure & Managed Services stated out that, “Africa is at the forefront of digitization, with the fintech market across the continent rapidly evolving. There is also an increasing consumer demand for new, more accessible products and services, and for Interswitch, continuing to innovate and enhance our product propositions is critical. We are excited to partner with Codebase Technologies, bringing with them next-generation technological capabilities and expertise, as we continue our mission to increase ac-cess to financial services and drive financial inclusion across Africa.”

Statement from, Codebase Technologies’ Commercial Director and Africa MD, Paul Nilsen

Codebase Technologies’ Commercial Director and Africa MD, Paul Nilsen, stated that, “We look forward to working with Interswitch Group and launching this new, cutting-edge tech-nology that will redefine user-centric, financially inclusive financial services and help spur innovation, economic growth, and increased access. This partnership will capitalize on the Interswitch Group’s in-depth knowledge of the current needs and direction of financial institutions across the Continent, as well as the progress they have made in the banking and financial services space.”

The partnership will also empower the banks, FinTechs and other corporates, to take gain of new, powering out the technologies, so they can endure to gather the evolving market and client demand. In turn, clients will be permitted to access all-embracing range of innovative banking and payment products that meet their existing and future requirements.

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