May 25, 2024

Nanoski Finland felicitated with Aviation X Lab Award in Dubai


Nanoski Finland the Finnish firm won the prestigious Aviation X Lab in Dubai for their self-disinfecting coating which aids in curbing the spread of viruses and bacteria via surfaces.

There is absolutely no doubt that Covid-19 pandemic shifted how we look over our surroundings. Microbes can be spread just because individuals touched the same object. The firm Nanoksi Finland has built an innovative sprayable solution which utilizes the photocatalysis – where light fuels a chemical process – which can kill 98% of microbes within two hours.

Statement from Nanoski Finland’s CEO Pasi Keinanen

Nanoksi Finland CEO Pasi Keinanen, stated out that “The technology is very versatile,” explains. “We have used it on glass, screens, plastic, wood, metal, ceramic and textiles, for example.”

The invention was exciting enough to hit 106 other entries in the Aviation X Lab Fast-track Traveller Wellbeing Challenge, which was bestowed by Dubai Future Foundation and Emirates Airlines.

Emirates Test outcome

Emirates analyzed the solution in numerous areas, like that of the first-class limousines, baby strollers and biometric boarding gates. The outcomes were impressive: for an illustration, the ATP measurement of organic dirt on transit busses fell from 2,113 pre-coating to 51 a month after. Emirates is opening to utilize Nanoksi’s solution in their limousines, busses and lounges at Dubai International Airport. However, the solution has already been broadly deployed in other nations.

Keinanen continues “We have applied it in over 2,000 projects, including shopping centres, offices and in partnership with manufacturers of consumer products,”. “We’re really excited about our solution’s possibilities in aviation. It could make flying much safer for passengers and crew.”

The coating, known as FOTONIT, demolishes the pathogenic viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds. It is working continually, so surfaces remain hygienic even between cleanings. The coating is invisible, flexible and porous. FOTONIT is also extremely durable: even high-use surfaces only require an annual reapplication. Additionally, it is effortless and fast to apply. For an illustration, four buses can be treated in one hour.

Light powered Novel Solutions and impetus as Live Saving tool

Although there are numerous photocatalysis concepts across market, Nanoski Finland’s live saving tool utilize a titanium dioxide solution that could utilize a huge variety of light in spectrum as compared to ultraviolet rays used by other concepts and the resultant outcome is that the nanoparticles have “antennas” which empowers them to pick up and utilize a wider range of light.

The technology was built in Tampere University and was spun-off to undergo further development and commercialisation. The firm directs the entire value chain from R&D to manufacturing to deployment.

Keinanen also stated, “Another important thing about our process is that it doesn’t use chemicals which could be harmful for human health or the environment.”

Nanoski is rapidly building up project to increase product portfolio as well are striving to contain Covid-19 Pandemic. Wherein all in all global community thinks that Covid-19 Pandemic will quickly come to an end, however, Keinanen points out that we can’t lower our guard. “There are more pathogens than just the coronavirus.

Think of hospital acquired infections, for an illustration,” he says. “We believe that with our solutions we can help save not only enormous financial costs, but more importantly thousands of lives.”



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