June 15, 2024

Leonardo unveils Agusta VIP helicopter brand at Expo 2020 Dubai


Recently Leonardo had unveiled the launching of Agusta brand at the Expo 2020 Dubai for the luxury-oriented VIP helicopter market. They also stated that Agusta brand leverages their characteristic design, technology, service policy and values within the executive transport rotorcraft sphere.

Statement from Gian Piero Cutillo, Leonardo Helicopters MD

Gian Piero Cutillo, Leonardo Helicopters MD, said: “With Agusta we give our VIP operators a strong brand that they can easily recognise and identify with, a sign that embodies their desire for excellence and quality with a personal touch and distinction, which includes their flight experience. We want them to be themselves before take-off, during flight and upon arrival at their destination, setting them apart from others. The strength and recognition of the Agusta brand legacy still continues to live on in this particular market segment.”

The noteworthy progress and evolution of the highly successful range of solutions across all civil and public service applications over the last decades powered ‘Agusta’ to become synonymous with those characteristics of outstanding performance, aerodynamics, advanced technology and high customization levels. This is particularly true and persistent for passenger transport roles.

The terminal concept will aid the progress of a network of point-to-point connections for both urban transfers and connections between cities, while meeting the upward demands for sustainable and modern vertical lift mobility, as well as greater access to urban areas.

VIP and charter services users and passengers will be provided with levels of service typically available in larger private airport facilities far from downtown and urban areas. The firm claims that Casa Agusta attributes to a robust environmentally friendly design, which is integrated via the utilization of recyclable resources and, if obligatory, the terminal can be transported. Leading operator Falcon Aviation Services will use the terminal to deliver the best- in-class helicopter transport services.

Since the arrival of the popular A109 fifty years prior, ‘speed and elegance’ have been clear illustration of recurring words from operators for defining the helicopter experience.

Italian defence and aerospace giant also unveiled its revolutionary AW609 tiltrotor for its initial time in the region and unlocked the innovative rotorcraft terminal in Dubai with Falcon Aviation Services to facilitate mobility to and from the Expo 2020 site.

As per the firm’s announcement, it is an amalgamation of astounding infrastructure with the reforming AW609, which carries rotorcraft versatility and turboprop-like performance, what Leonardo is doing in Dubai today perfectly epitomizes the Firm’s vision of a not-so-distant future in modern air mobility.

Statement from Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo CEO

Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo CEO, stated: “The aviation industry of the third millennium is rapidly evolving towards new forms of mobility, with the aims of modernity, security, and sustainability. Indeed, our aim is not just to build new bridges for the exchange of goods and services, but, most importantly, to foster the movement of people and new ideas, which are key to economic and cultural growth. Leonardo wants to be a driver of this transformation, leveraging on the capabilities that distinguish us: high-end technologies, professionalism, and people-centric. What we announce and show here today will strongly contribute to support this evolution in mobility.”

Leonardo claims out that with over 40% multiengine VIP helicopter market by delivery, it remains as indisputable leader in the sector. The firm has the largest and most modern models and competences range of any other manufacturer, meeting and even exceeding the most rigorous certification and safety standards with a range of advanced technologies for navigation, mission, safety, and cabin experience.

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