February 24, 2024

eCom Scotland’s eAssesment Module Drives Bahamas’ Institute progress


As per the firm sources, the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland’s half of the multi-million-dollar revenue regularly coming from clients outside the UK, it is operating along with firms across the far-flung, often exotic and, sometimes, remote parts of the world.

Among these is the far-from remote but no-less-exotic Bahamas, where one of its professional institutes is advancing from utilization of the eCom’s eAssessment platform with the hundreds of apprentices studying for qualifications on its 16 or so regular programmes.

The firm also recently announced that, having been introduced, in 2008, to eCom’s eNetAssess system via a partner professional institute, the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services (BIFS) – a not-for-profit institution established in 1974 – asked the eCom for aid in 2019, when it required to offer exams direct to its students.

Statement from Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director

Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director, was quick to state out that, “Providing exams that ably and effectively test candidates’ knowledge is a key requirement in the professional qualification process – but so is being able to assess those candidates’ answers accurately and provide timely feedback, wherever those candidates and other stakeholders are in the world. That’s why we’re getting a rising number of enquiries from professional institutes looking for an efficient digitally-deployed exam-and-assessment platform.”

eCom’s Wendy Edie also explained, “Over the years eCom has worked with several professional institutes to help them develop high quality, digitally-delivered and assessed programmes – and, although we’ve delivered to BIFS students for many years, it’s the first Caribbean-based professional institute on our client list.”

As per the firm’s reports BIFS, has already recommended utilizing the eCom’s Services for ten of its partners following a discussion alongside eCom’s Linda Steedman and her team. The ten BIFS partners are: – Alliance Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester; Bangor University; Central Law Training; The College of the Bahamas; the Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers; the Bahamas Financial Services Board; the Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accounts; the Association of International Banks & Trust Companies; Keith Checkley & Associates, and the Chartered Banker Institute.

The firm also reported that, with their agreement, eCom made its eNetAssess platform available to BIFS students. Comprising in this is eCom’s eNetSecure system – eCom’s secure bowser application.

Emma Dickson, eCom’s learning technologies specialist, also explained out that, “Many organisations use eCom’s online assessment solutions for compliance and competency assessment but some organisations – particularly those operating in remote or inaccessible parts of the world – struggle to find an eAssessment solution that works everywhere and at any time.”

Emma further added that, “For BIFS, eCom provides a managed service – adding assessments and setting up exam schedules – with eNetAssess/ eNetSecure providing multiple choice question assessments. From sign-up to going live with the system took around three weeks and, to date, every exam has gone successfully without issue.”

Miguel Pratt, BIFS Programme Director, commented on a recently-held examination, stated out that, “The examination was flawless. All 22 candidates successfully logged on with no technical glitches at all.” He further added out that, “We’re delighted with the performance of eCom Scotland’s platform in the examination process that we use – in collaboration – for our International Certifications. We’ve had minimal technical difficulties and, when we did, a phone call soon solved it all.”

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