July 18, 2024

UAE-Microsoft alliance to transition national coders, budding programmers

Sayed Hashish, GM, Microsoft UAE

Microsoft had recently announced joining forces with UAE government, aiding out its National Program initiative ‘UAE Codes’, as declared via their Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, for empowering the developers fulfilling the national digitalized vision, potential via special event series.

As per the firm’s announcement, the overall curated workshop, course series, boosted with the aid of Azure, cloud-powered development, applications etc will strengthen proficiencies of coders, programmers, aimed at fostering, breeding a new generation of talent to secure the future of the UAE’s digital voyage.

Statement from Saqr bin Ghalib, Director of the Artificial Intelligence, Prime Minister’s Office, UAE

Saqr bin Ghalib, Director of the Artificial Intelligence, Prime Minister’s Office, UAE, stated out that, “Our continued partnership with Microsoft has made significant strides, placing the crucial role of coders to the forefront. Highlighting the achievements and contributions of IT professionals supports the nationwide efforts of attracting a new generation of programmers and coders to the UAE. UAE Codes will serve as a constant reminder of how strongly focused we are on investing in the development of human capital and creating a thriving environment for homegrown talent.”

Statement from Sayed Hashish, General Manager, Microsoft UAE

Sayed Hashish, General Manager, Microsoft UAE, was pleased to state that, “It is an honour to not only support the UAE in advancing its digital agenda, but to enable its leading coders and programmers, who are paving the path for a stronger digital government.”

He also added further that, “According to recent reports, the digital economy in the UAE accounted for about 4.4 per cent of GDP in 2019, and it is estimated that this percentage will likely more than double on account of the government’s foresight and active support for a skilled workforce. We look forward to creating more significant opportunities for IT professionals and collaborations between the government and other organizations working towards a better future for the UAE.”

As per Microsoft’s report, with its aid, latest series of the developer events acknowledge their invaluable role for progression of national vision, for the evolution as well as its transition.

Complementing established government and Microsoft initiatives, such as the National Programme for Coders, OMAC, National Programme for AI, and Cloud Society and Microsoft’s Tomoh progamme, ‘UAE Codes’ aligns with the nation’s growth strategy and Fifty-Year Charter.

As per the reports, October 29th marks as the ‘UAE codes’ Day, as well as initial electronic government as unveiled within the territory by the Sheikh Mohammed 20 years ago on October 29, 2001. Since its commencement, coding and programming have been the latest drivers of innovation, creativity, technological, scientific advancements, economic growth and the nation’s future aspirations.

Microsoft also was prompt to state that, the skilling forms its core part of its mission, agenda for empowering each individual, firms across UAE, globally for accomplishing more. During the past year itself, as per its sources, Microsoft has been an integral part in over 10 engagements in collaboration with One Million Arab Coders, comprising of over 45,000 developers across the region.

As per firm’s announcement, driven by Cloud Society, this resourcefulness boosted app development, machine learning, learning from data platforms, and the details of IoT, making Arab youth acclimatized for the language of the modern era: coding.

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