May 20, 2024

CES 2022: Hyundai Motor unveiled its latest PnD modular platform


Hyundai Motor Company recently displayed its Plug and Drive (PnD) modular platform at CES 2022 empowering the mobility of the conventionally inanimate things, from small objects to large community spaces.

The leaders of Hyundai Motor and Boston Dynamics, at the event, displayed out a joint vision for robotics in both the real world and metaverse under the core theme of ‘Expanding Human Reach’.

Mobility of Things (MoT) Ecosystem- An Illustrative Image: – Image Credit: – Mysticsartdesign– Not real, and Just for Illustrative Purpose

Hyundai Motors also introduced strategic initiatives for building up to advanced mobility knowledge with an unlimited Mobility of Things (MoT) ecosystem. The firm also displayed out a range of robots and robotic concepts.

As per the Hyundai Motor announcement, the global PnD modular platform is an all-in-one mobility solution that integrates out intelligent steering, braking, in-wheel electric drive, and suspension hardware.

The firm also highlighted that the single wheel unit utilizes a steering actuator for infinite wheel rotation, meaning it can turn 360 degrees, which empowers out a holonomic movement, like a figure skater. LiDAR and camera sensors empower a PnD-enabled object to move autonomously.

Dong Jin Hyun, Vice President and Head of Robotics Lab of Hyundai Motor Group

Dong Jin Hyun, Vice President and Head of Robotics Lab of Hyundai Motor Group stated: “We are directing all our robotics engineering and creative efforts toward building the unlimited Mobility of Things ecosystem. The goal is for robotics to enable all kinds of personal mobility, connected to communicate, move and perform tasks autonomously.” Hyundai also displayed out the MobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid) small mobility platform with the Drive & Lift (DnL) module at CES 2022 which offers out an all-in-one robotics solution based on an eccentric wheel mechanism that combines the drive, steering, and braking systems into one structure.




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