February 28, 2024

Microsoft and ADIO GrowthX Accelerator\’s program celebrate its first graduates set across MENA


Microsoft in alliance with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), had concluded the initial set of its graduates for the GrowthX Accelerator program in the UAE with a virtual graduation event. 

According to Microsoft for Startups report, The cohort featured startups who worked directly with corporate engagement partners over the course of the 3-month accelerator to co-create technology solutions in an effort to address the corporates’ challenges. 

GrowthX Accelerator Program, Partners, and StartUps

A core component of a huge strategic partnership between ADIO and Microsoft to empower entrepreneurs, the GrowthX Accelerator’s initial cohort celebrated its completion in December 2021 with 105 attendees which comprised founding partners, corporates, investors, and government officials. 

As per Microsoft for Startup’s interim announcement, the partners to this event were Etihad Airways, Unilever, Flow, Akbank, KPMG, and IKEA as Corporate Engagement Partners; Accenture as Expansion Partner; and EY, Stanton Chase, Stripe, LinkedIn, and GitHub as Knowledge Partners.

H.E. Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development commented: “As part of Abu Dhabi’s commitment to supporting the private sector, the emirate is putting the necessary resources behind our ambition to empower entrepreneurs. 

He also commented: “ADIO has partnered with Microsoft on the GrowthX Accelerator to give innovators a boost, helping their ideas find a launchpad to get off the ground. The solutions and technology created by the first cohort will accelerate innovation and drive greater impact.”

Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups, MEA

Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups, MEA stated: “The GrowthX Accelerator has gathered an incredible group of individuals empowering each other to achieve more in their path to reach greater heights in entrepreneurship. 

Roberto further commented: “Alongside Microsoft’s fruitful partnerships, it has been exciting and inspiring to witness the passion, ingenuity, and ambitious drive of the B2B startups through harnessing technology, embracing mentorship, and gaining access to the market that this program offers. We applaud all of the startups and industry professionals for their invaluable participation in producing a gratifying experience, as we remain committed to making the region into an enriching environment of leading innovations and entrepreneurs taking on the global stage.”

Roberto Croci further added: “We could not have accomplished this project’s objectives without the unwavering dedication and hard work from our knowledge and engagement partners. Our gratitude goes out to their combined efforts of fulfilling our shared vision, as we pave the way for more rewarding initiatives for the region in the future.”

According to Microsoft for Startups GrowthX Accelerator\’s program Poltio, Getbee, Gener8, Spitch, Barakatech, Hi55, Nymcard, Nexdegree, Udentify, Fero,ai, Ubrantz, Oplog, Artiwise, B2Brain, AlphaSense offering breakthrough solutions to meet corporate clients’ challenges and requirements.

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