May 29, 2024

Sacombank-Pay: Enhancing its customers through Digital Remittance

Workouts Everyone Should Try Once in a Every While
Workouts Everyone Should Try Once in a Every While

After the pandemic COVID 19 broke out in many countries in the world from 2020, it has become the catalyst for the technological transformation of many companies, social organizations as well as governments of remittance-receiving countries all around the world, especially Vietnam. Many remittance companies, banks, and other Fintech companies in Vietnam have been aware of the importance of automatic transfer and also started investing in it, heading to digitalize remittance. All jointly create an ecosystem for digital transfer besides traditional remittance, enhancing step by step the efficiency as well as security of remittance from other continents to Vietnam.  

Sacombank-SBR (abbreviated SBR) is one of the leading remittance companies in total volume, service quality, and digital adoption of remittance service from other countries to Viet Nam. SBR has brought many facilities and interesting experiences of our remittance service to our customers (senders, beneficiaries, partners, and abroad sending agents) accompanied by high accuracy, low fee, fast transfer, and secured digital transfer on a variety of platforms like Website, mobile money transfer applications.  

SBR succeeded in transforming into a new CORE system whose performance is outstanding, 7 times faster than the old one, automated more than 50% of our operation, improved service quality, ensure accuracy and security. Besides, SBR is also the only pioneer of launching the service of collecting remittance money at ATMs in Viet Nam which helps customers economize the time of coming to the bank. With this service, customers can receive money at any Sacombank ATM by entering the reference number sent to the customer’s phone number via SMS. 

Through SBR’s money transferring system, abroad sender can send money any time to a domestic beneficiary whose account maintained at any banks within 10 seconds since the time that sender presses “send” in the application. Our service of 24/7 transfer via NAPAS has helped decrease the distance-time – cost and increase the security, basically changing the view of senders and recipients on this service.  

During the strong explosion of pandemics since the middle of 2021, digital remittance has proved its value and advantage for customers when abroad senders still can support their relatives in quarantined sections through the service of 24/7 transfer of SBR. Additionally, in order to diversify customers’ experience, SBR plans to add the extension of remittance into the mobile application “Sacombank-Pay” in the coming time. The direct transfer to “Sacombank Pay” will bring a lot of overwhelming experience to customers with the absence of accounts.  



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