May 20, 2024

How Sacombank-SBR Dealt with the COVID-19 effect?


Despite COVID-19, World Bank (WB) and the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD) still have a positive forecast about Vietnam remittance volume in 2021 which will increase by 5%, equal to 18.1 billion USD comparing to last year.  As one of leading remittance companies, how will Sacombank-SBR deal with COVID-19?

Steady premise 

Established on March 15, 2006 and 100% owned by Sai Gon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank – one of four biggest banks in Vietnam about network, Sacombank-SBR totally can exploit our strength in network to provide remittance service as well as deliver products to customers via 500 branches all around Viet Nam.  

The strength of wide network helps SBR approach and effectively serve our customer  

With the basic of over 15-year brand prestige, Sacombank-SBR now has a number of partners in 5 continents. Particularly, Sacombank-SBR has its focus on expanding remittance service to Asian market where has high demand for labour , such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc.

It is said that based on the support from “mother bank” – Sacombank along with early participation in remittance market and modern technology, Sacombank-SBR has enough steady premise to exploit our strength for seeking solution of how to do business during COVID-19 pandemic, which is special digital quick transfer to recipient’s accounts when COVID-19 outbreaks, and remittance service of Sacombank-SBR has not been interrupted but provide best quality service to our customers.

Accurate Strategy 

In the event of COVID-19 in Vietnam after 4/2021, Sacombank-SBR has focused on executing core strategy, that is “Using our strength in technology, digitalizing transfer method to optimize customer’s benefit”. Specifically, the 24/7 remittance service of Sacombank-SBR is the best choice of Customers in present.

With this service, abroad sender can proactively transfer money to accounts maintained at Sacombank in 30 seconds, regardless of holidays and weekends. Besides, all manipulations on Sacombank’s system are monitored, strictly controlled to ensure customer information 


Apart from system, Board of Directors of Sacombank-SBR also set out proper tactics to improvise COVID-19 “variable”. Particularly, Sacombank-SBR encourages 100% staffs and their relatives to get 2 vaccines does, agree to work-from-home policy in order to maintain the operation, provide continue service to customers during the quarantined time.   

Customer is “Seed” which bears “Fruit” 

The current success of Sacombank-SBR is not only come from continual effort of our staffs, but it is also the result of our core mission, that is: “Connecting Vietnamese communities all around the world and their relatives in Vietnam”.

Throughout over 15 years of development, Sacombank-SBR usually organizes promotion program to express our thank to customers such as “Jolly Birthday-Bringing home lucky gold” or activities that is jointly held with our remittance partners to help victims suffered from calamity, support medical teams on preventing the spread of COVID-19. Whether this is a huge program or not, Sacombank-SBR has always considered people element as “seed” to improve every day and bear “fruit” in the future.  

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