May 25, 2024

How to use Excel for Business

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There is no doubt about it that excel is business software which is used widely all around the world in every business to make the work a lot easier.

With Excel, one can do multiple things for their business and make some more well-informed decisions that you would benefit from. So let’s discuss how to use excel for business whether you are running a small business or a big one.

Business Analysis

First and foremost, excel is very popular in workplaces to do business analysis. Business analysis is the activity of converting data into something useful for you to run the business.

One can use it to collect data to make more informed decisions. No matter what the data is, whether it is website traffic, spending on supplies, product sales, insurance claims, or anything else, you can collect data with the help of Excel on a day-to-day basis.


Every accounting professional uses Excel in some way or the other. It can also be said that accounting is considered as the main function of the application.

Excel supports processes like preparing financial statements, debit and credit notes, creating balance sheets, and setting budgets. Not just this, it can also be used for expense tracking, forecasting, and loan calculations.

People Management

MS Excel is also very popular for people managing. It is a great way to organize all kinds of information whether it is about customers, employees, trainees, attendees, etc.

With excel you can easily store personal information and retrieve it without any hassle. The rows and columns make the task very easy to record individual data where you can store information like name, email address, employee strat data, birthdays, items purchased, contact details, etc. 

Managing Operations

Excel helps businesses in managing day-to-day operations. These can be quite complicated logistics that can be very challenging to manage.

Businesses need to control inventory flows so that they can keep operations running smoothly and that too without overstocking on particular items which means keeping a tab on details like supplier and client transactions, listing critical dates, and managing times and schedules.

Big businesses like Amazon do use custom software for operations management but small businesses rely heavily on Microsoft Excel for it since it is relatively low tech which means that it can be used by many people without risk of program bugs.

Performance Reporting

Performance reporting and monitoring is a specialized type of business analysis that can be done efficiently using MS Excel. One can easily convert data into a performance report in Excel with the use of pivot tables.

With the help of pivot tables and linking it to your data, one can extract any sort of data and get information from the dataset quickly. This, therefore, helps massively with performance reporting and makes the task easy and efficient.

Office Administration

Office administrators use excel to enter and store key administrative data which can be also used for accounting and financial reporting, business analysis, and performance reporting as well.

One can make use of day-to-day tasks like invoicing, paying bills, and contracting supplies and clients which makes it an all-purpose tool to keep track of and manage office activities. 

Strategic Analysis

Strategic analysis is where business decisions are closely connected to the data and formulas on spreadsheets. With excel, you guide actions such as investments and asset allocations. With spreadsheet analysis, you can inform business decisions in a specific way.

HR Management

Excel is also very useful for HR managers as HR is a wide-reaching field that covers a broad, eclectic range of responsibilities. HR has to be on top of its game at all times. Their work includes talent acquisition, conducting training, and coordinating company benefit programs. 

The use of Excel helps HR to stay organized and do their work in a hassle-free manner. They can rely on it to arrange work schedules, keep tabs on vacations, and much more.

Checklists and Task Lists

These are the most simplest and straightforward applications of Excel and must be mentioned on the list. Excel can be used to track various projects’ progress like lists and details specific deals. You can also keep a close tab on individual tasks that must be tracked day-to-day.

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