June 13, 2024

Liana Technologies acquires Evermade for enhanced WordPress solutions


Liana Technologies, the Finland-based marketing and communications software company,  became the majority stakeholder of Evermade, a Finland-based web design and development company. The acquisition implements Liana Technologies\’ strategy to become the largest provider of cloud-based digital marketing and communications services in the Nordic countries. With this transaction, Liana Technologies will strengthen its expertise in WordPress technology. In cooperation with Evermade, Liana\’s automation solutions will be integrated into the WordPress ecosystem.

Evermade is a digital agency founded in 2011 and as per reports, became Finland\’s largest WordPress agency in 2020 with a turnover of three million euros. Evermade is led by CEO and partner Julius Haukkasalo and the company has 45 employees in Finland. The founders of the company will continue as shareholders and Evermade will continue as an independent company and with its own brand also after the acquisition.

Samuli Tursas, CEO of Liana Technologies with  Julius Haukkasalo, CEO of Evermade

Liana Technologies has 17 years of experience in providing digital marketing and communications software, and one of the company’s main products is the marketing automation system LianaAutomation. Through the new partnership with Evermade, Liana Technologies aims to provide marketing automation integrated into WordPress websites to make the website experience more personalized for users, on the open-source side as well. The elimination of third-party cookies drives this need and development, as companies increasingly need to be in charge of the data collected with the consent of users instead of third parties.

“Joining forces with Evermade feels a bit like marrying your soulmate. Our corporate cultures are very similar. The values of Evermade’s people and LianaCrew meet and there is so much in common in the team spirit. On the technical side, Evermade\’s highly skilled developers are able to implement the most sophisticated and customer-oriented WordPress projects. Sharing the know-how of our companies will definitely benefit us both in the future. Liana\’s international growth story is just beginning and gaining momentum,” says Samuli Tursas, CEO of Liana Technologies.


“In ten years, Evermade has grown to its current size with its current ownership and management team. We have been thinking for a long time now about ways to continue strengthening our company to better serve our customers. Working with Liana brings new growth opportunities, internationalization possibilities, and at the same time, we can build a product and service together that combines our two passions: marketing automation and WordPress.

We clearly have common interests regarding the future with Liana, and when the corporate cultures seemed to match so well, we decided to seize this opportunity,” describes Julius Haukkasalo, CEO of Evermade.




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