June 23, 2024

3 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Office Workspace


A lot of businesses have had to make changes to their way of working over the last couple of years, whether that’s making the switch to remote working or to a hybrid option. On the return to normal, you might be looking to make some improvements, maybe you’re looking to update your office to create a more welcoming and productive space? Or maybe you’re looking for something more bespoke, to suit your specific needs? There is a range of office furniture in London that can help you to achieve whatever it is that you have in mind, from desks to boardroom furniture to sofas. Here are 3 ways to make the most out of your office space.

  • Tidy Office, Tidy Mind

Having a messy office can contribute to staff feeling overwhelmed. If you don’t have a system in place for keeping things tidy, this can lead to documents being lost or worse, falling into the wrong hands. The safety of certain types of documents is essential and having somewhere safe to store them is a must. Trying to work in a space that is cluttered and has no sense of organization can be stressful, so work with your employees to decide the changes that need to be made. Do you need more space to file things away? Do the cables around desks and technology need to be clipped back or hidden? If there is something taking up space that you don’t use every day, storing it out of sight is the best option. Having a messy workspace makes it more difficult to be productive, so taking the time to organize your office can help to make employees more efficient.

2. Quality Furniture

Investing in good, sturdy furniture for your office is essential. Your office space will be used every working day so choosing high-quality, lasting products is useful in the long run. By choosing something a little more durable such as metal tabletops, you can make sure they’re not going to be damaged easily or break a few months after use. Employee comfort also plays a large part in choosing your furniture. Investing in supportive seating or standing desks can help to reduce discomfort and health problems in the future. Making sure that your employees are comfortable will help to boost positivity and productivity.

3. Colour and Light

Allowing natural light into the office is a good way of making sure that your employees aren’t exposed to artificial light all day, which can lead them to feel more tired. A light, airy space can boost energy levels and mood in the office, you could also add a couple of indoor plants to bring the outdoors, indoors. The addition of plants is said to improve productivity and focus which office workers would benefit from greatly. Colors can affect our emotions too – an all-grey office is not very appealing to work in, equally too much color could end up being distracting. Why not choose colors in line with your branding, or make sure that breakout rooms are painted in relaxing tones and workspaces in bright, inspiring colors.

Article by Alfie Jones



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