May 25, 2024

5 Car Security Tips to Protect your Ride


It can be easy to experience problems with your car but there are some simple steps you can take and follow and make sure nothing bad happens, such as a break-in. Keeping your car secure will minimize damages and problems in the future, especially if you have used car finance for bad credit to buy the car. Here are some of the best ways to protect your ride when it comes to security….

  1. Invest in a car alarm or steering wheel alarm

Not all cars come with an alarm that’s secure enough or loud enough to alert you when there is a problem. If you have an expensive car that needs extra protection, you can go for a steering wheel clamp that will put anyone off breaking in. This means your car can never get stolen and it’s unlikely it will get broken into, even if you have valuables on show. However, we highly recommend hiding valuables.

  • Be mindful of where you hide your valuable items

It can be more tempting for criminals to break in if you leave valuables on show, as they will think it’s well worth the risk. If you must leave laptops or a camera inside your car, make sure it’s neatly tucked under the seat or hidden in the boot. It’s best to keep valuable gadgets on you at all times if you can carry them.

  • Make sure you lock your car

Even if you are close by, it’s essential to keep your car locked. There is no point risking keeping it unlocked, only for a few minutes. If you are unsure if you have locked it or not, it’s worth running back to check. Cars have locks for a reason and you should get into the habit of checking if it’s locked, especially if you are a new driver and not familiar with this.

  • Park in safe areas and car parks

Sometimes it’s more expensive to use car parking than pulling up on a roadside, but it’s well worth it, especially if the car park has a camera. It’s also important to change your parking spot regularly if you commonly park in the same area, this means it will be more difficult for suspicious people to watch your car or plan a break-in.

  • Buy a GPS tracker for added security

If you tend to worry about your car getting stolen often, you can invest in a GPS tracker. These trackers usually connect to an application on your phone and are very reliable. If you need to park in a more dodgy neighborhood or stop in areas that have a high crime rate, it might be worth getting a GPS tracker. You can order these online or find them in most car-related shops.

Now that you know the top 5 ways to keep your car secure and safe, you can be more mindful and thoughtful about parking, alarms, and taking general security measures. We would recommend checking your car is locked after every time you leave it and taking all the security measures possible to avoid disappointment.

Article by Jack Hawtin



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