July 18, 2024

JDH Capital Company Expands Outdoor Product Portfolio, Acquires Pure Archery Group


Houston based JDH Capital Company recently, announced its acquisition of Pure Archery Group, a leading manufacturer of premium archery products based in Oregon.

“Pure Archery Group is a leading manufacturer of premium archery products with a reputation for excellence, a dedicated customer base and a history of growth,” said Jason C. Rebrook, Chief Executive Officer of JDH Capital. “The addition of Pure Archery to our portfolio is complementary to other investments we’ve made in the outdoor products industry, and it underscores our confidence in both the company’s many leading brands and the outdoor products industry as a whole.”

Bowtech, one of the brand from Pure Archery Group Source

Pure Archery Group, known as Bowtech until 2020, reportedly owns and operates several leading archery brands including Bowtech, Diamond, Excalibur, Black Gold, TightSpot, RipCord, and Octane. Apparently the company works on the design and manufacturing of durable, accurate, high-performance bows, crossbows and archery accessories distributed worldwide. Current production locations span prominent sporting goods hubs, including Oregon, Montana, Michigan and Ontario.

“This is an exciting new chapter in our business,” said Rob Kass, CEO at Pure Archery Group. “We have always been singularly focused on producing the best archery products in the world, and that isn’t going to change.  With the additional resources and expertise that JDH Capital brings to our team, we have never been better positioned to deliver on that promise.”




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