April 23, 2024

BMW unveils latest Heated Seat subscription in the UK


A monthly heated steering wheel subscription costs GBP10. Subscriptions have been available for features on BMW cars for some time in the UK, but the heated seat offer started this month.

Reportedly , the company said customers can enable all hardware features for a one-time payment if they prefer. The features are available via BMW’s ConnectedDrive online store and are activated remotely, with no need to visit a dealer. The heated seat offer is available in the UK, but the subscriptions that are available vary by country.

BMW’s heated steering wheel. Source

“Where heated seats, or any feature available in the ConnectedDrive store have been purchased when a customer vehicle is ordered, no subsequent subscription or payment is necessary,” the manufacturer said.

But the company argues that the ability to add new features can be helpful for owners who change their minds after purchase.

And it is particularly useful, BMW wrote, for second-hand car owners, “as they now have the opportunity to add features the original owner did not choose”.

Subscriptions also enable drivers to “experiment with a feature by purchasing a short-term trial before committing to a purchase”, the company added.

However, unlimited use of a feature can be purchased.




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