June 14, 2024

Real-World Uses of Text to Voice Software


Communication is crucial to surviving in the modern world. Every company and individual willing to be famous needs to communicate well with customers. 

However, the problem arises when everyone is not on the same wavelength in terms of their literacy level or physical capacity. For instance, what might be easy for a literate person might be a blank slate for someone who doesn’t know how to read or write.

Similarly, a visually impaired person may not be able to make sense of a pamphlet or article you provide them with. All of these make voice-based communication a necessity rather than a luxury.

Text to voice, a.k.a. text to speech or TTS, is a revolutionary technology that allows you to convert written text into a human-like voice within seconds. Modern AI-based TTS websites/software automatically analyze the text and convert it into the best possible human-like voice. So, listeners can rarely distinguish between an original human voice and an AI voice.

The biggest benefit of converting text into voice is that it makes any content suitable for all types of audiences. You can create audiobooks and audio files or merge TTS files with videos to give your content a definitive edge. 

Text to voice is used for myriad purposes and in a wide range of industries. Let’s dive deep to learn about how businesses and individuals use TTS and for which purposes.

Real-World Uses of Text to Voice Software

Ordering Medicines

TTS is a respite for the elderly who cannot sift through a pharmacy or hospital’s official website to book an appointment or order medicines online. They can use the software to read the entire webpage and quickly find the procedure to book an appointment or order medicines.

Text to voice technology makes every website legible and relevant to people with genuine problems.

Banking Services Simplified

Thanks to the internet, banking services have become much simpler. However, it is imperative to know the technology to harp the best benefits of banking.

Too much dependence on the online medium also exposes customers to the risks of online banking. This is where TTS services can come to your rescue.

You can instruct the software to read aloud all the information you provide on an online banking portal, including the username and password. You can also utilize text to voice  to specify the accounts to which you want to transfer money.

HSBC is one of the first banks in India to use Voice Recognition Services. It used TTS to enable customers to access their accounts by uttering a few phrases. So, it eliminated the need for passwords or other confidential keys.

Tourism Becomes Global

Language has forever been a problem for all stakeholders of the travel and tourism industry. Tourism companies have to hire qualified professionals to communicate with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds. The more people they employ, the less their profits become.

Text to voice serves as a relief since it allows you to reduce the dependence on human resources and direct that energy and money on customer acquisition.

TTS is extensively used by the travel and tourism industry to make travel announcements, share real-time information, facilitate self-ticketing, and translate languages to cater to travelers of all linguistic backgrounds. Text to voice technology can also be used to produce audio tours for monuments, historical sites, or museums.

IVRs Engage Customers

IVRs or Interactive Voice Response systems have become a universal part of all companies offering customer support. IVR is a classic example of how successful Text to voice technology can become.

TTS can be designed to engage customers when they call. AI-based TTS automatically recognizes the customer’s linguistic style and selects a voice that resonates with them. Thanks to TTS technology, the extra effort you put in for your audience can make them loyal to your brand.


Text to voice is the latest technology making business easier for top brands and individuals alike. With every passing day, TTS is becoming bigger and better. Now is the best time to popularize your brand/identity and scale new heights with TTS.

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