July 20, 2024

30 Years Of NAM A BANK “Connecting the Bridge of happiness” To The Community

Nam A Bank inaugurated a residential street in Chau Hoa commune to support people to travel conveniently and safely

In October 2022, Nam A Bank implemented a series of programs with practical significance such as: traffic development, building cultural houses, and building houses of love. With a total value of more than 16 billion VND. This is one of the programs in the series of activities “connecting the bridge to happiness” to the community on the eve of the 30th anniversary of Nam A Bank’s establishment (21/10/1992 – October 21, 2022).

Accordingly, on October 1, Nam A Bank inaugurated and handed over a residential road in Phu Khanh Hamlet, Chau Hoa commune, Giong Trom district in the disadvantaged area of ​​Ben Tre. In the past time, people have had to struggle with the narrow road 1m wide, the condition is extremely degraded. The road is small and badly damaged, making it difficult and dangerous for people to travel on a daily basis, especially in the rainy and windy season.

In the face of these difficulties, Nam A Bank has accompanied with the locality to renovate, upgrade and expand residential roads worth nearly 3 billion VND. New construction with a total length of more than 1 km, 3 times wider than the old road, safe structure, meeting the needs of travel and goods circulation for people in the area.

Nam A Bank continues to support many community projects on the occasion of its 30th anniversary

People’s dream of a solid road has now come true. The new route will integrate into the traffic network of the whole commune, connecting important areas such as schools, medical stations, markets… and other infrastructure in the area.

In addition to this civil road traffic project, in Ben Tre, Nam A Bank is also completing the support to build inter-hamlet bridges; building a cultural house in Tan Thanh Binh commune, Mo Cay Bac, with a total value of more than 300 million VND.

Previously, Nam A Bank also completed the low-voltage project of the inter-village road in Long Khanh hamlet connecting Long Duyen with a length of more than 285m, including low-voltage power lines and 9 solar lights in Phuoc Hau commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An.

During the 30-year development journey, besides business activities, Nam A Bank has always been a pioneer in social activities. Hundreds of community programs and projects have been implemented by Nam A Bank across the country such as: building houses of love, traffic works, supporting difficult situations, natural disasters, storms and floods, Covid 19 epidemic… to contribute to spreading good values ​​and sharing with the community.

Following this volunteering journey, Nam A Bank has implemented a series of other meaningful projects to support disadvantaged people, and invest in rural transport infrastructure for localities across the country.

In October 2022, Nam A Bank continued to complete and awarded 3 great solidarity houses in Tuyen Quang, financed repair and upgrade costs; building 20 new houses of love in Quang Nam and Da Nang. At the same time, the Bank is also planning to build 13 traffic bridges in Vinh Hung and Long An districts, totaling more than 13 billion VND. These activities will contribute to stabilizing people’s lives, and joining hands with local authorities for sustainable development.

A representative of Nam A Bank said: “For many years, Nam A Bank has been one of the pioneers in many programs with profound humanistic meanings. At the age of 30, wearing a new image of a dynamic and creative bank, Nam A Bank will continue to extend this journey, affirming the motto of promoting business in parallel with community activities in the Bank’s activities. row”.

With positive contributions to the community during the past time, Nam A Bank has been honored by many prestigious domestic and international organizations. Recently, International Business Magazine (UAE) also awarded Nam A Bank with the award “Best socially responsible bank in Vietnam 2022”. This is a recognition of the persistent efforts in business and community activities during the Bank’s 30-year development journey.

Article received on mail from Nam A Bank



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