July 18, 2024

Employment Outsourcing: What Is It and Why Is It Important?


In a typical business setting, the HR department takes care of finding, selecting, and hiring employees who meet the requirements of the job. Recruitment becomes difficult if a company wants to establish a subsidiary in another location. But today, the challenge is easier to meet, as professional employment outsourcing solutions are now available, helping companies to easily expand and establish an offshore subsidiary with a talented local workforce.  

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What is professional employment outsourcing?

A company planning to open a foreign subsidiary must deal with a long list of logistical, cultural, and legal aspects that can take time to accomplish. Specialized firms that provide professional employment outsourcing (PEO) to various companies can help in this regard. They do the full talent outsourcing for their established and registered clients. With their service, a company can immediately roll out a working team of a subsidiary company without spending exorbitant amounts of money. Further, the parent company does not have to handle local laws and regulations or national or regional government compliance issues.

Initial steps

In hiring a PEO UK firm, the client and the service provider creates a PEO agreement, indicating the relationship between the company (client), the employee (applicant to be hired), and the co-employer (PEO provider).

  • Before signing the contract. The principal company discusses the company’s terms, the job description, and finally, the employment package. The PEO firm will create a service contract with the client and an employment contract with the successful employee. The two arrangements depend on each other, especially in the compensation, duration, and employment conditions. 
  • After signing the contract. The PEO firm will act as the co-employer, assuming administrative functions to execute the terms of the employment service agreement, working for the principal company in establishing the subsidiary’s workforce, and billing the client periodically. 

The benefits of PEO for the company

Establishing a subsidiary in a foreign country is complex because local laws and regulations differ. Working with a PEO firm, the client does not need to set up a legal entity in the country. Instead, the PEO firm will be the co-employer or the employer of record, allowing the client to hire employees locally. The setup provides many advantages, helping in the important steps of establishing a subsidiary.

  • The PEO firm will handle HR duties. It will establish employee benefits, payroll, and tax requirements for local talents. Thus, the foreign client can quickly establish a local workforce for its subsidiary.
  • The provider hires the employees on its client’s behalf according to the labor laws of the United Kingdom, for example. The provider handles the compliance requirements so the employees can start working with the client’s subsidiary within a few days after signing the employment contract.
  • As the employer of record, the PEO firm ensures that all employment contracts meet the requirements of UK labor laws. The firm can likewise provide clients with guidance regarding cultural norms and the best practices to employ when hiring talents. Furthermore, they’ll update the clients on the constant changes in employment regulations.

Hiring and working with a professional employment outsourcing provide several advantages to a client wanting to establish a subsidiary in a foreign country. Also, the expertise of the PEO firm ensures that the client will have access to talented employees in a short time.

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