June 15, 2024

Toppan Gravity and Pylote’s strategic & commercial alliance to develop antimicrobial cards

Loïc Marchin, CEO of PYLOTE

TOPPAN GRAVITY, a global solutions provider of next generation virtual and physical smart cards and secure documents, and PYLOTE, a key player in the industrial mineral chemistry, today announced a strategic business partnership aimed at providing card users with an unprecedented innovative response to the problem of contamination and microbial transmission. These cutting-edge plastic cards activated by antimicrobial protection will apply to a variety of applications, such as Banking & Payment cards, Transport & Access cards and Commercial Cards, such as gifts and fidelity cards.

Through the partnership, both companies aim to protect cardholders around the world against viruses and bacteria transmitted by cards. With around 30 billion plastic cards produced annually and an expected market growth rate of 8.2% in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028, there are many plastic cards in circulation. Plastic cards, such as payment cards, gift cards, transport and access cards, and others can easily spread unwanted viruses and diseases. According to research conducted on payment cards, bills, and coins, payment cards are nearly three times more likely to carry bacteria than coins and cash.

These new first-to-market cards will incorporate PYLOTE’s mineral antimicrobial technology to help uniquely prevent the risks associated with the transmission of microbes. There are no metals or nanoparticles in this technology, and its mechanism of action is not leaching to kill microorganisms. By activating surfaces to make them “self-decontaminating”, the effectiveness has been demonstrated on many micro-organisms such as gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and resistant bacteria, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses (SARS CoV-2 and its Delta variant >96% in 1h, H1-N1 influenza, gastroenteritis, herpes and conjunctivitis) as well as in real-life situations with a high frequency of contact. Numerous tests conducted by independent laboratories have measured the immediate, stable and permanent microbial decontamination action, as well as the safety of this technology.

Michael Hrashan, VP and Head of Payment, Transport and Ticketing BU

At this stage of the partnership, the antibacterial action of PYLOTE’s technology has been successfully tested: Anti-microbial analyses on cards activated with Pylote technology demonstrated an efficiency of over 99.999%, even after a wear test that reproduced the friction of a jeans’ back pocket (500 cycles were performed). This concrete case demonstrates the effectiveness and robustness of the PYLOTE technology. The two companies will now define the types of cards likely to incorporate this antimicrobial technology in line with market expectations, organize their industrial production and aim for the marketing of activated cards, and qualified and tested cards in the first half of 2023. 

Loïc Marchin, CEO of PYLOTE, commented“I am extremely pleased with this strategic commercial partnership with TOPPAN GRAVITY which will allow us to pursue our strategy of deploying transmission risk prevention means in new applications in order to better protect people’s health, with no side effects thanks to entirely mineral technology. After plastic films, paints, protective masks or ophthalmic droppers, we continue to deploy our technology to contribute even more to personal safety, reduced expenses and waste.”
Commenting on the partnership, Michael Hrashan, VP and Head of Payment, Transport and Ticketing BU said: “We have chosen PYLOTE as a partner due to the unique and reliable technology they are using to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses. It is with great pleasure that we have entered a partnership with PYLOTE and are aiming to enhance the safety of the work and living environments for cardholders together. Our collaboration will play a significant role in protecting cardholders against viruses and bacteria.”

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