May 20, 2024

NBK opens new branch at KAC Headquarters

Mr. Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group Vice-Chairman and CEO

Pursuing its endeavors to make its advanced top-notch services available for all customers anywhere, and in line with its long-standing strategic partnership with Kuwait Airways (KAC), National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) recently opened its new branch at the company’s headquarters.

The new branch aims to provide banking services to all KAC employees, by offering fully-digital banking solutions and interactive services for quick and easy banking for NBK Customers from the company’s employees.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mr. Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group Vice-Chairman and CEO, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, Chairman of Kuwait Airways, Mr. Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of NBK-Kuwait, Eng. Maen Razouqi, CEO of Kuwait Airways, Mr. Mohammed Al-Othman, GM- Consumer Banking Group at NBK, Mr. Khalid Al-Bustan, Director, Corporate Communication and Public Relations at Kuwait Airways, Mr. Meshaal Al-Mutairi, Director, Customer Service at Kuwait Airways, as well as a select of the executives and employees from both parties.

Speaking on this, Mr. Isam Al-Sager, NBK Group Vice-Chairman and CEO said: “NBK has a long-standing strategic partnership with KAC which always yielded the best products and services to the customers of both parties. This comes in line with NBK’s endeavors to build solid ties with leading institutions across different sectors.”

Al-Sager emphasized that NBK always strives to make all its top-notch services available for customers wherever they are, thanks to its country-wide branch and ATM/ITM network, in addition to the multiple advanced digital channels, which makes NBK always closer to its customers.

“We are working on transforming our branches into sustainable branches and upgrading all their services to integrate with our digital channels in providing a wide range of top-notch services and advanced payment solutions. This goes in line with our commitment to provide an impeccable banking experience to our customers from all their segments,” he added.

Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, Chairman of Kuwait Airways

On his part, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, Chairman of Kuwait Airways said: “We have solid ties with NBK that we always seek to strengthen based on our trust in it as the leading banking institution in Kuwait and its ability to support our endeavors across different areas to achieve our strategic goals towards our employees and customers.”

Al-Dukhan noted that the opening of the new NBK branch at KAC headquarters comes in line with the company’s commitment to provide a convenient work environment to drive the outstanding performance of KAC employees, thus improving customer service quality.

Al-Dukhan concluded his statement by emphasizing the consolidation of ties and cooperation with one of the most prestigious banks in the region, the National Bank of Kuwait, expressing his hope to strengthen this strong relationship for the benefit of all parties.

Following the inauguration, NBK’s delegation visited various facilities at Kuwait Airways’ headquarters, including the company’s exhibition gallery with its display of the various stages in the history, achievements, and development of the Blue Bird, since its establishment in 1954. In addition, the delegation also visited the Integrated Operations Control Center, where they were briefed on KAC’s operations consisting of the arrival and departure status of flights to all destinations, details of the flight procedures commencing from take-off, route operations, arriving at the destinations until returning to homeland.

The cooperation between NBK and KAC spans various fields featuring the co-branded credit cards including: NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Infinite Credit Card, NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Signature Credit Card and NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Platinum Prepaid Card, as well as partnership in the CSR area.

It is worth mentioning that Visa International has honored National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) and Kuwait Airways (KAC) for the success of their co-branded cards NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis Club) Visa Credit Cards as “the Fastest Growing Cards in the Market”.

NBK continues to cement its leading position in the banking sector, boasting the largest domestic banking network in Kuwait with 67 branches all over Kuwait, in addition to the largest owned ATM network in the country with 450 onsite and offsite ATMs/CDMs.




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