April 14, 2024

Papaya Global introduces new global healthcare plan for its clients


Papaya Global, the SaaS fintech company providing global payroll and payments technology, announced recently its new premium health care benefits plan. With this singular global plan, Papaya’s clients could offer their employees employer-sponsored, customized international health insurance in over 160 countries while eliminating the complex, time-consuming process of comparing multiple plans across regions. The new offering signals continued growth for Papaya, while building on its commitment to support organizations and their global employees. 

Designed to leverage group buying power, Papaya claims to deliver a superior solution to its businesses of all sizes, providing unified global plans with flexible and convenient employee health care benefits. This unique approach consolidates under one umbrella the management of health benefits for employees across multiple countries. Papaya’s clients also gain a significant advantage in recruiting global talent because their employees have access to a comprehensive medical care plan without the headaches of traditional health insurance.

Using a designated card, employees enrolled in the plan will be able to pay for medical services without having to pay out of their own pocket. The card can be used to cover outpatient treatments, prescription drugs, standard lab tests, emergency room visits, doctor visits and X-rays. Card users have the freedom to choose their own doctors, with no provider or network restrictions, and receive global coverage in over 160 countries. The plan also includes unique travel insurance: emergency medical care for up to 60 days outside of the employee’s home location worldwide (including the U.S.). This gives employees peace of mind when traveling without the need for additional insurance.

“With a dispersed and growing global workforce, we wanted to improve the employee experience for all of our team members, especially those who may not have access to comprehensive health benefits in various global locations,” said Papaya Global CEO Eynat Guez. “This new partnership with DavidShield will accomplish that — employees will now have easy-to-use and flexible access to medical, dental and vision benefits no matter where they work. This upgrade in benefits reflects our continued commitment to our employee experience and to helping our clients build strong workplace cultures worldwide through an equitable benefits plan.”




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