April 14, 2024

HAQQ partners with Brighty App for fintech innovation

HAQQ partners with Brighty App for fintech innovation
HAQQ partners with Brighty App for fintech innovation

HAQQ, a leading provider of ethical and Shariah-compliant blockchain solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Brighty App, a pioneering fintech platform that integrates traditional finance and cryptocurrency. This alliance aims to unlock new opportunities in the Islamic Finance market and the broader ethical finance sector, particularly in the European market where Brighty App has established a strong presence.

Haqq & Brightyapp logo(fintech)
Haqq & Brightyapp logo(fintech)

Brighty App has been successfully servicing the European market with its innovative financial services, including IBAN accounts, crypto wallets, instant currency exchange, and linked cards. As part of this partnership, Brighty App will leverage HAQQ’s ethical and Shariah-compliant blockchain technology to extend its reach into the Islamic Finance market, offering its unique blend of traditional and crypto financial services to a broader audience.

In addition to enhancing Brighty’s commitment to ethical finance, this partnership aims to significantly expand its service offerings. Specifically, it will facilitate the addition of accounts in Islamic Coin and the possible introduction of staking mechanics. These features will allow Brighty users to hold, send, and transact in Shariah-compliant crypto tokens, e.g. transacting in stablecoins like USDT or USDC. Furthermore, users will have the opportunity to participate in staking, providing them with a new avenue for potential earnings within the ethical finance framework.

For HAQQ, this partnership presents a unique opportunity to tap into Brighty App’s established infrastructure and broad user base in the European market. This will further HAQQ’s mission of making decentralized finance (DeFi) more accessible and inclusive while adhering to the principles of ethical and Islamic finance.

Together, HAQQ and Brighty App aim to create a more equitable financial ecosystem. By combining Brighty App’s fintech expertise and HAQQ’s commitment to ethical, Shariah-compliant blockchain solutions, this partnership will bridge the gap between traditional Islamic finance and the innovative world of DeFi and cryptocurrency.




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